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I have a 2000 XJ and I want to put on a gas tank a skid plate. There were a couple brands I was looking at including Skid Row and Tomken. I just wondered if anyone had any opinion on which skid plates hold up the best. Or if there is anyone in MI that fabs them and ships- I am in Omaha right now but prefer to support a MI GL business if possible.

There is one thing I was trying to figure out from pictures of all the models I looked at online- which bolts do you generally attach them with to the hitch/chassis?

The reason I ask is because I have a after market bumper and when I installed it I had to torch the nut strip off the top and the hitch on the last 2 bolts, due to rust. It would be a huge pain in the ass if one of those would be a bolt holding up the plate because the entire bumper would have to come off to get to it.

Thanks for helping out a noob.
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