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School me on hovercrafts

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So, I sold that stolen 94 cavalier to some kid without a title last night.
I told him my son was in boot camp and that's why I could not find the title.

I plan on buying a hovercraft with the money. I want one that has a flux capacitor and can go 88 mph. Whay else should I look for?
If I can't find one for $250 I'll just have to go buy some meth instead.
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I am troubled by the lack of knowledge here. you guys can try this at home. get a good high volume leaf blower. the bigger the outlet diameter the better. the small ones are for increased speed on the outlet. get a sheet of 5/8-3/4 osb and cut a hole dead center for the blower. on the flip side add foam lip. use them stupid pool floaties. just don't leave any gaps. then when you fire it up the foam seals to the ground and mild contures. if you can balance worth a shit you should be able to stand in the center and lean to go forward and stop , turn, etc. it might help if you add a podium to lean on
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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