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i pull out
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Anyone have a set of center dump manifolds aka rams horn in good shape they wanna get rid of?Lookin for a set with good studs or removed ones.Don't really wanna wrestle rusted ones if at all possible.2" dump is fine, almost preferred.Let me know what ya got, where and how much.Need both sides to be center dump and not that kicked back one that some sets come with. Thanx Ryan

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thats not a bad price..
good luck with that!
still cheaper than some crappy summit block hugger shawtys

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I know this real TOOL of a guy who has them..... I wont give you his name because he is such a pain in the ass to deal with you will want to kill yourself after talking/emailing him. Go to your local junk yard> I see them there all the time. Here is a short clip from an email he sent me asking me whats up.
Cooter, I can't make it to Jons on Thursday, but I wanted to talk to you
about your Jeep.

I am seriously considering selling my Jeep for $20k+ and starting a new
Jeep project right away. The concept is to buy an operational TJ for about
$5k, and use as much $$$ to stuff a 2wd max horsepower V8 and auto tranny
combo out of another vehicle (6.0, LS2, whatever). I might do it myself,
or I might have John do the Job over this winter. This is ALL dependant
upon the 2wd performance on the dunes with paddles (my impression anyway).
Anytime I have driven on the dunes in 2wd I have not liked it, the rear end
is squirrely and steering is poor.

So I would take a good hard look at your Jeep in person up close, and maybe
go for a ride when you are at Silver Lake (I will be up there all weekends
until the end of August except for Speedfixx weekend).

Is this the best email address for you?
What's your phone numbers, I'd like to talk to you on the phone about it.

OK I had to cut it off there...........

This email has three more paragraphs to it longer than this one.

Good luck.

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