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SAS '99 Suburban

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My dad bought this '99 suburban 2wd 1500 about 4-5 years ago from central Florida with 265k on it for $800. Zero rust anywhere, not even inside the hitch when he got it home. Currently only really has surface rust on the frame since he did Krown rustproofing/undercoating a couple times on it over the years. My brother in law and I told him he should LS swap and convert to 4wd since it was so clean, that it would be worth the money.

He passed a couple days after this past Thanksgiving and it Currently has around 315k on it now. I bought it from my mom for what they paid for it and sourced a pair of '06 Super Duty axles today and plan on moving foward with the swap. Plan is to swap the axles in, most likely in the fall and run it with a Bluetooth T case and front driveshaft until I can source a reasonably priced LS engine/trans/Tcase as a whole and do the old switcheroo. The axle swap was kind of triggered since it needs a rear axle currently (bearings are going) and a 5 on 5 rear axle for this is actually kind of a bastard axle to find for this.

Plan is to radius arm and use gas coil springs and the coil buckets from this frame. Not doing a huge lift or anything, just making it a good dependable road driver/2 tracker. It's been a popular swap for a minute now and I can get it low enough to only run 35's on it. For now I'm just going to source parts for this and see where I end up in the fall with it.
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loved my SAS'd k3500 utility truck. The radius arms would be a big bonus for some articulation without lifting too much. My leaf springs were pretty much flat and didn't give me the ride I would have liked, but I had plenty of articulation in the rear to make up for it. Ramp was before the 37s. Pretty crazy how easily you can squeeze bigger tires on the 88-98 platform.
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