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Trail_Fanatic said:
The math might lose some of us, but I think I'll listen anyway.

He's a Physics professor!

I love it when we have the chance to learn from those more knowledgeable that ourselves.

I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has posted help and hints, especially Grandman for starting it.
Let's hope that EVERYONE reads them . . . and USES them!
Basic mechanics, really.

Actually, you'd find thats an old-school method for recovery as well. I have used that method for getting vehicles off trailers and tow dollies and such:

Hook my straps together with a ratchet strap, and tie one side to said broken vehicle, and the other 6 ft up a tree. Ratchet as tight as possible, then sit with full weight on the middle of the strap.

usually with practical rope lengths, its a 10-50 x multiplication.

Of course, I've done some tightrope walking in my time, and understand the subject better than most..
1 - 2 of 114 Posts
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