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S10 push button 4x4 wont engage

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My 97 s10 4wheel drive just recently stopped working so i replace the vacuum actuator on the trans and now it still isnt working. I can hear clicking under the dash when i push the button like its wanting to engage but wont. Han anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

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usually if the switch on the tcase doen't fix it it is the vacuum actuator under the battery box. Remove the battery and the battery tray. There is an actuator with a cable and a vacuum line. The rubber bladder on the actuator will rot out and cause your problem. Easy to fix.
So is the t case not engaging or the front axle not engaging? The switch you replaced affects the front axle only, not the transfer case. The encoder motor shifts the t case.

Does your dash switch light up in the position you pushed? Or does it just flash and go back to 2wd?

If it lights up properly, shift to 4 lo and see if the gear reduction is there. If it is, it is your front axle not locking in. If it doesn't have gear reduction, probably encoder motor, or possibly your t case shift module. (that year might not have a module for the tcase.)
No, it is under the battery tray. You replaced a switch on the transfer case, not the transmission. If you replaced something on the transmission you replaced something not related to the 4wd.
When i push the 4hi or 4lo button i hear a clicking under the dash and the 4hi or 4lo light will blink for a few seconds and then just go back to 2hi.
Then it is very possible it could be your encoder motor. You can take it off and push the buttons and see if the motor turns, but I can't remember if that can wreck it more or not.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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