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Michigan Jeep Militia is having its 1st annual mudbog, It’s going to be a timed event. Three different classes’ sizes 32 to 35 an 36 to 38 and 39and Bigger.Ive made so it’s not to hard. But there are some 4 foot deep holes some where out there?They looked like a river when we were digging them? The water table is at about 3 feet.Im sure later in the day it will be harder to get threw.Understand that this is are first mudbog we have done.But we have talked to some guys that have done alot of events like this. So it should be good.To enter the event it will cost$25.00 a per truck and $5.00 per person, kids free from 1yrs to 10yrs
NO ALCOHOL AT ALL..Sorry to much liability...Thanks Michigan Jeep Militia

1. Absolutely No alcoholic beverages, driver is responsible for himself and his crew.

2. If you are caught drinking you will be told to leave the race & no refund of money.

3. Misconduct or rule violations by anyone will not be tolerated.

4. The event official will have the final decision on any and all questions.

5. Only the driver of signature is qualified to make the run, unless the event official approves a substitute.

6. If driver is under the age of 16 must have parent’s signature.

7. When the class is called you have three minutes to begin pre-staging. A. When the car is vehicle is called you have three minutes to get staged.

8. If you are going to be LATE you or someone you designate must contact the event official before registration deadline to qualify to race. An official will draw your number.

9. Each class will draw a number just before that class will run. There will be no late entry once the numbers have been issued.

10. Enter vehicles as many times as you want too, one payout per vehicle per class.

11. Top 3 vehicles in all classes will be checked---before payout if found illegal will be disqualified no money return, next man will move up.

12. A rigid rear pull out ring or ball is mandatory for all classes.

13. Helmets and seatbelts are mandatory in all classes.

14. Batteries must have marine type boxes if inside vehicle.

15. Absolutely nothing to do with Nitrous

16. All vehicles must be pulled out backwards.

17. Smaller tire class can move up classes.

18. No one other than the EVENT STAFF are allowed at the timekeepers area.

19. Last post at end of pit race is over. YOU MUST STOP

20. All Trucks must be determined safe by the Event Staff.

21. 10 or more trucks have to enter the class for guaranteed money.

Mud Bog / Pit Description
• 160' long
• 2 - Side By Side Mud Pits
• Drag race to the end
∙Winner determined by light
at the End

Times - Day of Event
Gates Open • 9am
Tech & Registration • 10am-Noon
Drivers Meeting • 12:15pm
Showtime • 1:00pm

$5 Gate Fee per person
Children 10 and Under - FREE

$25 Class Registration Fee
(per class entry)

Guaranteed payout schedule for 1st and 2nd per class

.32 to .35 tire
.36 to .38 tire
.39 to open class

Address of the Event
600 Helmer Road North
Springfield, MI 49015
OR CALL GORDY AT 269-832-5266
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