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I have mentioned in multiple posts that Garett has been busy here adding new designs to our portfolio for about 9 months that I would not let him make yet. I wanted our inventory to be in the rafters before I allowed him to start making the new items.

This is the first in a series of new brackets we have coming out, these are available now in a 3.5 axle diameter & a zero degree profile so far but you will get the idea. We will add axle diameters and triangulation over the next couple of weeks. We made the 3.5" diameter first because we need them for our Axle Housings.

These address the warp that can happen so easily by putting all of your weld on only one side of the tube by wrapping the entire diameter of the tube so you evenly apply the heat around 360 degrees of tube. The top and bottom reinforcement plates can be welded on the bench to avoid most of the heat but should be completely welded after the axle tube has cooled.

These are made entirely of .25" plate and have our reinforcement inserts with either a 5/8" or 3/4" bore, your choice. They are preset at 2 5/8" width to best fit the joints available. They can be MIG or TIG welded due to the thickness, unlike our Modular Links that required TIG welding.

These are a takeoff on our Modular Link Brackets which are very strong and serviceable but very challenging to make and they required an excellent TIG welder to put them together.

We are not discontinuing the Modular Link Brackets, we are offering a simpler to make and install alternative.
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