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RRA LAR-8 Varmiter 3x9SS scope S.S.A.L.T. mount 26" ss barrel

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Rock River Arms LAR8 semi auto .308win/7.62x51. two 20 round FAL magazines, SWFA SS Scope 3x9 FFP Mil dot scope. $600 scope with $1000+ glass 50bmg rated. nice sling, custom iron sights right under scope. Irons are tight but useable incase needed. 26" ss bull barrel chryo treated. It shoots one ragged 5 shot hole at 200yards if i do my part. Included is a cheap, but ok hard case. Nice hard case was on my list... Shot 3 deer this year all on the move. 4 shots.. 8 pointer was double tapped. If interested will send pictures. no major dings or dents. $2300. last i checked was like 60-90 day wait for one of these.
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forgot to add it has a nice harris swivel bipod...
blizzard front butler creek scope cap. flip up and see through. dont have to flip to shoot. rear custom see through I busted this deer season was going to repair. Composite materials engineering degree, but a big metal head too...
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