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I've seen a few folks get pissed about this. Here, and of course in that thread over on pirate.

I've done this to no less than 40 people in the past month. Mostly friends and family members. Actually all friends and family members. I've always labeled my link as, in an email telling them about my family.

My dad, who is 74 years old, knows that when you place the cursor over a link, it will show where that link goes. If it doesn't match up, he doesn't go there. This guy was born in 1933, so he's real old. Shit, he retired in 1988, and there wasn't much of an internet around back then. Old as in back when it was cool to smoke, even the doctor did it, Frank Sinatra and all that other old shit.

But, he knows enough to recognize a bullshit link, as I've explained it to him in the past. Mom knows too.

Most of my friends, sisters, mom and dad didn't fall for it. All of my friends with masters degrees did fall for it though.

So remember, put the cursor on the link and check the bar at the bottom of the screen. If it doesn't match up, don't click on it. It's nothing to get pissed off about though, because I always laugh hysterically when somebody falls for it.
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