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The mother fuckers should be shot no questions asked...

DNR says Deer Run Down by Snowmobilers

Robert Hornacek
TOWN OF LIND - South of Waupaca, Wisconsin a farm field in the town of Lind turned into a killing field.

"It was obvious snowmobilers were running them down from behind," said Randal Yorkson, who farms the property along a snowmobile trail in Waupaca County, near County Highway EE. On Saturday morning, his son found several dead deer.

"One, after it was on the ground, looked like snowmobilers parked on top of it and just gunned the snowmobile and tore the stomach right open of the deer," Yorkson said.

The Department of Natural Resources is investigating the case.

"It appears to me they were going around and rounding them up and trying to push them toward the center to make it easier," said warden Ted Dremel.

"Many of them had broken legs, hair and what not was missing off the deer. You could see where snowmobile tracks drove right over the top of them," Dremel said.

The warden said three deer were dead in the field, a fourth was alive but had broken legs so he euthanized it. A fifth deer was found several hours later dead, tied to tree. Dremel said the deer was likely tied to the tree while it was still alive.

"We believe they dragged it from that field and tied it to this tree," Dremel said. "Absolutely needless."

The woman who owns the property is so upset about what happened that has temporarily shut down the snowmobile trail.

"I really couldn't believe that someone could be so malicious to animals," said Virginia Niemuth. "They were maliciously run over and dragged by the snowmobiles. They were skinned alive you might say."

Niemuth said she will re-open the trail, but only after the people responsible for this are captured. "They need a trail but when things like this happen you can't keep it open," Niemuth said.

The president of the County Line Trail Blazers snowmobile club is also angry about what happened. Stuart McIntyre said about five miles of a major trail are now closed. "Unfortunately it just takes a couple individuals to ruin it for everybody," McIntyre said.

Snowmobilers are not blaming the property owner, they blame whoever used the trail to slaughter five deer.

If you have any information about the incident you're urged to call the Department of Natural Resources at 1-800-TIP-WDNR. Callers can remain anonymous.

The County Line Trail Blazers and Waupaca County Snowmobile Association are both offering rewards in the case. Right now the reward totals $3,000

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By John Lee • Post-Crescent staff writer • January 13, 2009

WAUPACA — The hunt for the snowmobilers responsible for the slaughter of five deer intensified today as money for a reward for their capture poured in and investigators sent snowmobile parts near the scene for lab testing.

The killings have sparked outrage by animal lovers and snowmobilers alike, and a collection of reward funds for information or the conviction of those responsible has swelled to more than $10,000 and is still growing.

Capt. Don Conat of the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department said investigators hope snowmobile parts recovered from near the scene will yield fingerprints and information about the make and model of at least one of the sleds involved.

The deer were found dead Saturday, apparently run down by a group of three or four snowmobilers who herded the animals from an alfalfa field five miles south of Waupaca where a herd of 30 to 40 are known to feed.

Three deer were found dead in the field. A snowmobile stopped atop one and ripped open its stomach, said Ted Dremel, a state Department of Natural Resources warden based in Waupaca County. A fourth deer with broken legs was euthanized. The fifth deer was dragged from the field and tied to a tree about 25 feet from a road. Investigators think someone may have planned to return for that deer, Dremel said.

The dead deer were two bucks and three does. One was a fawn.

As the investigation continues, the timeline for the killings has changed. Originally, authorities thought it happened about 3:30 a.m. because reports from neighbors that they had heard snowmobiles about that time.

Now, however, Conat said other snowmobilers on the nearby trail reported seeing one of the deer lying along the trail south of Denmark Road when they passed through the area at 9:30 p.m. Friday. The steam from the deer’s breath was visible then to the snowmobilers.

“It looked out of breath,” he said.

Conat said people shouldn’t assume the snowmobilers who killed the deer are local. “It’s hard to say because people can put on 80 or 100 miles a day on a snowmobile so I guess we can’t really restrict ourselves to where.”

People statewide, particularly snowmobilers, have expressed their dismay and anger over the killings, which led the property owner to close a key five-mile stretch of the trail in Waupaca County.

Bob Springer, president of the Waupaca County Snowmobile Association, said he has received $9,000 in donations so far, and people with information may also be eligible for up to $1,000 in rewards from the Waupaca County Crime Stoppers.

The Fox Valley Humane Association is offering a $500 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible and the Waupaca County Line Trailblazers Snowmobile Club has also set up a reward fund. David Peterson, sheriff of adjacent Waushara County, said Crime Stoppers there also is seeking tips and offering a reward.
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