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Retread tires?

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I seen Fourwheeler mag did a little story on them a while back and gave them a good review but was wondering if anyone has ever tried a retread tire before. Im thinkin of tryin the A/T they sell on my Ranger once its fixed but am curious on how they wear over time.
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I heard good stuff on the 33 x 12.50's ran smooth not out of round

I would try some, nuthin like new RRR uuBBre
OK , I guess that answers that. Looks good enough for me!

Sorry for the newbie brain fart.
I have 1 bfg at reteard on my jeep and you can barely tell the difference between my 3 other bfg ats
you have to specify when ordering that you want 4 matching sidewalls. If that matters.
Yeah ask for matches if ya care?

I am happy with mine were over 1/2 the cost of a real MT/R and they are made with a 40-60,000 mile rubber compound.
Is it worth it to get the Ultra Grip with the "Walnut" shell additive?
Can anyone find a Promotion Code for checkout?
Yep lil smaller blocks, sidewall tread does not wrap down as far but who cares saved me alot of $$$.

I did get the ultra grip they look like after a while they just fall out from the rubber flexin, and leave lil craters.
i haven't heard good things about MTR's in mud so i'm wondering how good the knock-offs would be. good looking tire tho and a nice price, if they compare to the BFG M/T's in mud i would buy them for my DD
MT/R's are NOT made for mud.

maximum Traction Reinforced.

They do have a mud style...


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i guy who runs a diesel dd loves the 31 at with green diamond additive
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