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Red Wings suck

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That is all.....
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A couple observations from tonights game:
1. Watching Howard work the net makes my knees and groin hurt. He seriously must be one of the most flexible goalies out there.
2. Sharks played a superb game.
3. I cannot wait to shave.

That is all.

1. howard gave the wings every chance to win that game.
2. you're not going to score on nabakov from the top of the circle
or facing the boards.
3. I still cannot stand franzen

going to switch over my rooting for boston and the habs. hopefully with a chicago boston finals.
I didn't hear the audio of tonight's game. We were at BW3s. If the first 2 games were called more like the last 2, I think the Wings would still be playing.

Oh well.

Go Bruins.

Go Habs.

I hope they pick up Big Geo Laroque seeing he will up for grabs once Montreals season is over. Especially if they don't re-sign Burts.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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