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Red Wings suck

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That is all.....
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Wings made an insane coebavk this year to make it to the playoffs, if it wasn't for bullshit calls it would be 2-1 or even 1-2. How does a finesse team that is second to last in penalties go to being Humber one in penalties? Because when San Jose high sticks them in the face, we get the penalty. There were so many bullshit calls in the games it was unbeleivable. They won today if it wasn't for bs calks, that first goal was a goal, he was not making a kicking motion. Rant over back to my Detroit sports teams suck sorrow beer

nail on the head, the powerplays are Completely lopsided. The refs suck balls, and make bullshit calls on the wings and then not on the sharks. The wings have hung in there and made them good games. What 22 some pp's to 6 or 8 for the wings?? really?? The fucking diving bullshit calls then calling tripping or interference with it, YOU cant fucking have both, it makes no fucking sense. The NHL cannot get this diving shit straigtened out, they are fucking retards. Pig Nose shovelski (sp?) is on fire - shit he could score from the locker room, which is funny because im guessing he will get a huge payday and suck balls the next 5 years. Hes not that fucking good at all??? wtf??
look how great howard has played as a rookie this year. not really sure why people are ragging on howard. I like howard. I have never cared for osgood.

your goaltending isn't the answer for the rest of your team to not produce. to score one goal and expect your netminder to preserve that lead for the rest of the game is not they way to win.

Goal tenders let soft goals through sometimes, shit happens.

His is a damn good tender in the making and wayyyyy better than ozbad.

How can you defend against 5 on 3? that is alomost a for sure goal when that bs happens.
My neighbor dubbed him "Wasgood".
love it:sonicjay:

i also like hasbeenGoodattimes
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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