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This CJ bumper was built for the same gentleman that owns the XJ in the above pics. He wanted an old school feel to his CJ so this is what he came up with and had me build. The holes in the front house a pair of Hella 500's

That's old school for sure.......especialy the center push bar


I like it Pat


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Those XJ bumpers are SIKK, if its not too much to ask what would a pair of those cost?
I like the murder machine on the front of the CJ too
The front was $800 the rear $400

The CJ front was $650

My pricing depends on several factors, most of which are obviously features and materials used. These can vary a wide amount believe it or not. Appearance also plays a role and can be figured into the above by design ideas and choice of materials.

I have been building bumpers for various vehicles since 1994 and no two are ever alike and every one has been built to the specific vehicle it is going on. This ensures a proper fit and finish and my customers appreciate the fact they have a one of a kind work of metal art.

Thank you guys for the kind words!
21 - 40 of 63 Posts
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