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Welcome to the RBOR Series

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RBOR Rules

  • Time starts when car breaks the beam.
  • If a cone is touched a penalty is added and the cone is dead.
  • Tape can be touched without penalty.
  • Broken tape is a penalty.
  • Steaks holding the tape count as a cone.
  • If more than ½ the car is outside of race course marked with either cones or tape, a minute will be added to the time.
  • Cutting course will result in a DNF.
  • If a competitor takes off safety equipment during the race and does not fully strap back in prior to moving this will result in a DNF.
  • Any questions about the rules need to be asked at the drivers meeting no changes to the rules will be made after the first car leaves the line.
  • *Penalty = 15 seconds


  • Vehicles must have either a full roof or a cage. RBOR strongly encourages full cages tied into frames. Each vehicle will be inspected prior to leaving the line.
  • Factory seatbelts required to have a shoulder strap. 4 or 5pt. harness strongly encouraged.
  • Helmet must be worn (and buckled) at all times.
  • All occupants must be secure before the car moves.
  • Must have 2 fire extinguishers, one easily reached by the driver.
  • Must have kill switch that shuts off fuel pump and ignition with one switch, and is easily reached by the driver. *Key is fine if you can reach it fully strapped in.
  • There shall be NO consumption of Alcohol. A competitor found to have consumed Alcohol during the competition (you must abstain until you've completed your lastpass) will be discharged from the race that day.
  • ALL vehicles are subject to a tech inspection at anytime and discharged from competition if deemed unsafe.

RBOR Classes
  • Unlimited class - 40” or above tire
  • Mod class - 39.5" and under tire
  • Street stock - 35" and under tire - NO BUGGYS
  • - Vehicle must retain a mostly stock frame, (factory frame repairs allowed if done in a factory fashion determined by RBOR) No larger than 35" tire, has no bypass shocks, no coil over shocks, must retain stock style suspension, no 4 link suspension where leaf springs were once present.
  • UTV class - No restrictions

RBOR Points

  • 1st -------50
  • 2nd-------46
  • 3rd -------43
  • 4th -------42
  • 5th-------41
  • 6th-------40
  • 7th-------39
  • 8th-------38
  • 9th-------37
  • 10th------36
  • 11th------35
  • 12th------34
  • 13th------33
  • 14th------32
  • 15th------31
  • 16th------30
  • 17th------29
  • 18th------28
  • 19th------27
  • 20th------26
  • 21st------25
  • 22nd-----24
  • 23rd-----23
  • 24th-----22
  • 25th-----21
  • 26th-----20
  • 27th-----19
  • 28th-----18
  • 29th-----17
  • 30th- below - 10 pts
  • Breaking the beam @ the start 5 points (DNF)


  • May 21st -Rocks and Valleys
  • June 18th -Bundy Hill
  • July 23rd -Twisted Trails
  • Sept 2nd -Rocks and Valleys **Championship

Drivers meetings

  • 10:15 a.m. race day
  • Racers names will be pulled from a hat to determine running order.
  • Once running order is established, racers are to get in line and stay in order.

Points Series Breakdown

  • Points will be added up after each event and posted online.
  • Each weekend will have cash payouts for the top 3 times of each class.
  • Points championship will be at second Rocks and Valleys race September 3rd
  • **Cash payouts are dependent on race attendance.

Entry fee for racers $50 per race

Promo Video

A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors that are making this event great right out of the gate!

Venom Motorsports
Unlimited Offroad Centers
Off Road Anonymous
Freedom Fabworks
Sinister Motorsports
Metrofab Customs
All Aspects Forestry LLC
Flyin Ryan Performance
Subtle Chaos

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No but my 39.5s puts me in the smaller tire class and I may also wanna run the big tire class just cuz lol

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