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Well I made a huge mistake, and will not be able to use this really cool winch. It's a Ramsey pto driveshaft powered winch, with 1/2 steel cable on it maybe about 100 feet worth. It comes with a power take off that fits a np205 transfer case, but only a chevy or dodge one with a driver's side take off. Will not fit a ford passenger side take off, and it can't be flipped. :poke:

here's some manufacture info from it:

MODEL 600 SERIES 12,000 lbs. (5,430 kgs.) line pull rating • Uses ½" (13 mm) wire cable • Worm gear reduction is 40:1 • Optional drum lengths include 11 ¾" (298.5 mm) (600), 8 ¾" (222.3 mm) (Y600) and 14 11/16" (373 mm) (X600) • Automatic oil-cooled worm safety brake• Free-spooling is provided by drum clutch. The pto can be ingaged by a cable mounted inside the cab or a linkage shifter.

It will need a new driveshaft, the one on it is a real hack job. I will only trade up or down for ford hp dana 60, hummer h1 beadlock rims, or a hydraulic powered winch I can use on my ford. Otherwise I'm looking to get $500 cash for it. They normally bring much more than that, but I got it cheap so I'm going to sell it cheap.

I'm from pa, but I can meet you in cleveland oh, or akron oh. No shipping, this thing is really freakin heavy!
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