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I've gotten bad, too many jeep/projects period and now too many doors on one too.

It started as my wife daily's our Duramax tot he hospital and frankly that is a waste. So I started looking for a 'beater with a heater' on the nicer side. She's have the truck for anything really needing to be reliable, but for her short 15 mile 1 way commute she could use something else. I couldn't find anything great in the price range I wanted to spend without quickly being stupid on repairs.

Then I got offered this repairable green title JKU for stupid cheap and have put far too much money into it. It'll be nice, because I keep limiting events I can go to by tearing apart the YJ all the time, this will give a hopefully reliable backup.

all 4 wheel bearings
Steering box
track bar
drag link
tie rod
timing set
all 4 rotors and brakes
rebuilt computer
parking brake assemblies
winch - it came with one, but it was literally decorative. I had a Warn on the shelf
rear bumper
rear tone rings
rear diff cover
rear sway bar links
exhaust repair
axle u-joint
front lower control arm mounts
clock spring
front springs
steering stabilizer
Removed all the tasteless shit from the interior
Tire carrier

To finish installing yet:
Front eaton Elocker
rear Yukon Zip Locker
4.56 Gears

I almost want to do the rust repair too, but it isn't really worth it. I still need to fix the manifolds and find a white passenger fender. There isn't many bolts left holding the manifolds in place.

I think it'll be a fun one with the family to beat around in and have room for a cooler.

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I’d love to help you with your “got too many projects” situation, but I too suffer the same problem. I would be more than willing to take your v3500 off your hands to “help you out” 😁😁😁
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