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This is a project truck. It is not complete. It is essentially a 1972 J10 cab on a M715 frame with M715 front fenders, hood and bed. I have a clean green Michigan title for it.

The cab is actually decent for the age It does need floor work on the drivers side I think. I'll try getting pictures soon. It does have rust. The windshield is cracked. The doors open and close nice and the windows work.

It will not come with any axles. The rear axle has already been removed and a trailer axle put under it so it can roll onto a trailer. The front axle will come off once its loaded onto your trailer. I can assist in loading. Also there is no tailgate but for the full asking price I will include the steel I had cut and bent to make a tailgate. The parts in the bed will be removed before the truck is sold.

Please don't ask for a bunch more pictures. I will work on getting more pictures as time permits. It is not a show truck as seen in the picture I do have. It needs lots of work. The price reflects that. I'm asking $750.

The M715 behind it is not for sale.

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