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Getting my new tires, rims, and 3.5" lift kit installed this coming week on my 99 Cherokee. Just wondering who has an XJ? Would like to see pictures of your ride with specs. Mine is a daily driver right now. Hoping in a year or so to get another Jeep and totally build this Jeep. My wife just had twins and I want to get a hobby to introduce my kids to when they are 5 or so. Sold my muscle car last fall so i need something to share with my kids. :chiefwoohaw:

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The old:

bore leaf packs
1.5 lift shackles(forgot brand)
home made long arms
home made lca mounts
modified jks trac bar
home made trac bar mount
8" coils
3/4" poly coil spacers
bilstein 7100 series shocks

110mph on the freeway
zero bumpsteer
zero DW

The new:

new home made 4 link
new home made trac bar
new home made lca body support
not sure on what shocks yet


mine ain't shit either.

Wait till you see some of these other guys XJ's. Total f'ing trailer queens :tonka:

No seriously though. Mine ain't shit.

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Old XJ(built by SchanXJ)
5.5" RE coils up front
Rock Krawler 3-link long arms
JKS Trac-bar
rear has an s10 bastard pack, about 4-4.5" of lift on 33's
custom rockers, bumpers, and armor

New XJ(Old XJ reincarnated and improved)

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My contribution....

Front - Ford D44, 5.13's, Detroit locker, chromoly shafts, Yukon Super joints, Craner Inner knuckles, Dedenbear outer knuckles, stock Ford 1/2 ton brakes, Warn Premium lockouts

Rear - Ford 9inch w/custom clearancing/brace, Strange nodular case, spool, 35spl chromoly shafts, Chevy disk brakes

Front - 7.5" RE coils, 3-link with trackbar, custom arms, Clayton Offroad crossmember, limiting straps
Rear - Rustys 6" leafs with RE 1.5" extended shackles
Rustys shocks all around

Dedenbear high steer knuckles
Sky Manufacturing hs arms
"1-ton" TRE's on the drag link
3/4" heims on the tie rod (knuckle to knuckle)
Hydro assist steering this winter

36" TSL's on 15x9 beadlocks

Odd's and Ends:
Warn XD9000i
D&C roll cage
Custom rocker replacement
KC Daylighters (they're coming off soon)
Custom winch bumper
Skid Row gas tank skid
Rear receiver hitch with D-ring adaptor

After 3 years of building I'm finally happy with it, works great. Just needs hydro assist steering and a traction bar in the rear and i'm "done" building it :sonicjay:

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The one we got my mom for x-mas:
-no lift, front and rear hitch's, 30" BFG All Terrians

-3.5 RE lift, limited slip rear, Hagger front bumper, 31's

Ol' 92
-no lift, 30" tires

98 XJ "Peniclin"
-started to build but had to get rid of (started to grow mold)

+ have had 3 more that I don't have pics for & the one I picked up today :tonka:

Guess I like these XJ's :tonka:

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93 XJ I6 - 230,000 miles, 4" rough country, 31" bfg mud kings, on-board air using stock air conditioning compressor, no sway bars, trimmed fenders (re-attached stock fender flares) trimmed front bumper.

Who makes the best front bumper for the money???
best for the money is cutting down the existing one - though, it's not a lot of protection.


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