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Pics of Higgins Lake

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Here are a couple pics from the West Launch on Higgins Lake looking at the smoke from the fire.


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I know of one off from Sharon and something else but can't remember what road. I want to say Presly Rd. That is a separate fire on the border of Crawford and Kalkaska county not far from the camp. There were rumors at work about a couple other fires aswell in Crawford County.
The lake might be a little high but that is the local DNR that puts it in. That is the same spot were the ice crushed a few cars this spring. That shouldnt matter unless the ice ripped out the concrete aswell though.
How in the fuck are we having forest fires after all that rain?!!!!
So you are one of the dumbass flatlanders that come up north and assume its safe to burn because you had 4" of rain downstate. Thanks :thumb:

what rain we didnt get a bunch here
I don't even remember the last rain we had. I think it was almost a week ago and it wasn't very much. :(
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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