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our newest family member

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went wednesday (6-16-10) to try a turn our breech baby and when they hooked up the fetal heart rate monitor they saw it her heart rate was very low(70-80bpm then would spike back up then drop again) less then ten minutes after showing up at the hospital (st joseph mercy in ypsi) she was rushed to the O.R. for an emergency c-section, they had to put her under so i wasnt allowed in the room (worst feeling in the world) but within 20 minutes they brought out our new baby. ive never been so happy in my life.

iris joy fagerlie
born june 16th, 2010 (10 days early)
7lbs 9.5 ozs
19 1/4"s long

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Congrats, our daughter was breech and they did a scheduled C Section. They gave her an epidural and she was awake for the whole thing and I sat by her head as well. They started the incision and our daughter kept poking her foot out. The doctor and staff kept laughing because they couldn't keep her foot out of the way!! When they put someone under the anesthesiologist sits by the head to monitor breathing and administer the drugs that's why you weren't allowed in. We had the choice for her to be awake or asleep. She wanted to see her as soon as she was born. Plus side for me I got to hold her for two hour while they closed up and my wife was in recovery.
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