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Act 300 of 1949
Chapter I

Document Type Description
Section 257.1 Section vehicle code; words and phrases defined.
Section 257.1a Section“Accessory” defined.
Section 257.1b Section“Ambulance” defined.
Section 257.1c Section“Articulated bus” defined.
Section 257.1d Section“Alcoholic liquor” defined.
Section 257.2 Section“Authorized emergency vehicle” defined.
Section 257.2a Section“Automotive recycler” defined.
Section 257.3 Section“Axle” defined.
Section 257.4 Section“Bicycle” defined.
Section 257.4a Section“Birthday” defined.
Section 257.4b Section“Bus” defined.
Section 257.4c Section“Buy back vehicle” defined.
Section 257.5 Section"Business district" and "commercial business" defined.
Section 257.5a Section“Cancellation” defined.
Section 257.6 Section“Chauffeur” defined.
Section 257.6a Section“Civil infraction” defined.
Section 257.6b Section“Civil infraction determination” defined.
Section 257.6c Section“Civic event” defined.
Section 257.6d Section“Collector plate” defined.
Section 257.7 Section“Commercial vehicle” defined.
Section 257.7a Section“Commercial motor vehicle” defined.
Section 257.8 Section“Commissioner” defined.
Section 257.8a Section"Conviction" defined.
Section 257.8b Section“Controlled substance” defined.
Section 257.9 Section“County jail” defined.
Section 257.10 Section“Cross-walk” defined.
Section 257.11 Section“Dealer” defined.
Section 257.11a Section“Demonstrator” defined.
Section 257.11b Section“Dealer license” defined.
Section 257.12 Section“Department” defined.
Section 257.12a Section“Distressed vehicle” defined.
Section 257.12b Section“Distressed vehicle transporter” defined.
Section 257.13 Section“Driver” defined.
Section 257.13a Section“Elected gross weight” defined.
Section 257.13b Section“Empty weight” defined.
Section 257.13c Section“Electric personal assistive mobility device” defined.
Section 257.14 Section"Established place of business" defined.
Section 257.14a Section“Executive” or “manufacturer's vehicle” defined.
Section 257.15 Section“Explosives” defined.
Section 257.16 Section“Farm tractor” defined.
Section 257.17 Section“Flammable liquid” defined.
Section 257.17a Section“Foreign salvage vehicle dealer” defined.
Section 257.17b Section“Fund-raising registration plate” and “state-sponsored goal” defined.

Section 257.17c Section“Flood vehicle” defined.
Section 257.18 SectionDefinitions, F.
Section 257.18a Section“Freeway” defined.
Section 257.18b Section“Gross combination weight rating” or “GCWR” and “gross vehicle weight rating” or “GVWR” defined.

Section 257.19 Section“Gross weight” defined.
Section 257.19a Section“Disabled person” and “person with disabilities” defined.
Section 257.19b Section“Hazardous material” defined.
Section 257.20 Section“Highway or street” defined.
Section 257.20a Section“Historic vehicle” defined.
Section 257.21 Section“Implement of husbandry” defined.
Section 257.22 Section“Intersection” defined.
Section 257.23 Section“Judgment” defined.
Section 257.23a Section“Juvenile adjudication” defined.
Section 257.23b Section“Juvenile disposition” defined.
Section 257.24 Section“Laned roadway” defined.
Section 257.24a Section“Leased vehicle” defined.
Section 257.24b Section“Late model vehicle” defined.
Section 257.24c Section“Law of another state” defined.
Section 257.25 Section“License” defined.
Section 257.25a Section“Autocycle” defined.
Section 257.25b Section“Low-speed vehicle” defined.
Section 257.26 Section“Limited access highway” defined.
Section 257.27 Section“Local authorities” defined.
Section 257.27a Section“Major component part” defined.
Section 257.28 Section“Manufacturer” defined.
Section 257.29 Section“Maximum axle load” defined.
Section 257.30 Section“Metal tire” defined.
Section 257.30a SectionRepealed. 1978, Act 568, Eff. Jan. 6, 1979.
Section 257.30b Section“ university” defined.
Section 257.31 Section“Motorcycle” defined.
Section 257.32 SectionRepealed. 1976, Act 439, Imd. Eff. Jan. 13, 1977.
Section 257.32a Section“Motor home” defined.
Section 257.32b Section“Moped” defined.
Section 257.33 Section“Motor vehicle” defined.
Section 257.33a Section“New motor vehicle” defined.
Section 257.33b Section“Nonprofit recycling center” defined.
Section 257.34 Section“Nonresident” defined.
Section 257.35 Section“Nonresident operating privilege” defined.
Section 257.35a Section“Operate” or “operating” defined.
Section 257.35b Section“Older model vehicle” defined.
Section 257.35c Section“Off lease vehicle” defined.
Section 257.36 Section“Operator” defined.
Section 257.36a Section“Owner-operator” defined.
Section 257.37 Section“Owner” defined.
Section 257.38 Section“Parking” defined.
Section 257.39 Section“Pedestrian” defined.
Section 257.39a Section“Permanent disability” defined.
Section 257.40 Section“Person” defined.
Section 257.40a Section“Pickup camper” defined.
Section 257.40b Section“Personal information” and “highly restricted personal information” defined.

Section 257.41 Section“Pole-trailer” defined.
Section 257.41a Section“Police book” defined.
Section 257.42 Section“Police officer” defined.
Section 257.43 Section“Police station” defined.
Section 257.44 Section“Private driveway” and “private road” defined.
Section 257.44a Section“Probate court disposition” defined.
Section 257.45 Section“Proof of financial responsibility” defined.
Section 257.45a Section“Prosecuting attorney” defined.
Section 257.46 Section“Railroad” defined.
Section 257.47 Section“Railroad sign or signal” defined.
Section 257.48 Section“Railroad track” defined.
Section 257.49 Section“Railroad train” defined.
Section 257.50 Section“Registration” defined.
Section 257.50a Section“Residence address” defined.
Section 257.51 SectionRepealed. 2006, Act 85, Eff. Nov. 9, 2006.
Section 257.51a Section“Resident” defined.
Section 257.52 Section“Revocation” defined.
Section 257.53 Section“Right-of-way” defined.
Section 257.54 Section“Road tractor” defined.
Section 257.55 Section“Roadway” defined.
Section 257.56 Section“Safety zone” defined.
Section 257.56a Section“Salvage vehicle” defined.
Section 257.56b Section“Salvageable part” defined.
Section 257.56c Section“Salvage vehicle agent” defined.
Section 257.57 Section“School bus” defined.
Section 257.57a Section“School crossing” defined.
Section 257.57b Section“School crossing guard” defined.
Section 257.57c SectionRepealed. 2002, Act 534, Eff. Oct. 1, 2002.
Section 257.57d Section“Scrap certificate of title” defined.
Section 257.57e Section“Scrap vehicle” defined.
Section 257.58 Section“Secretary of state” defined.
Section 257.58b Section“Security interest,”“security agreement,”“secured party,”“debtor,”“financing statement,” and “termination statement” defined.

Section 257.58c Section“Serious impairment of a body function” defined.
Section 257.59 Section“Semi-trailer” defined.
Section 257.59a Section“Shoulder” and “ditch slope” defined.
Section 257.60 Section“Sidewalk” defined.
Section 257.61 Section“Spacings between axles” defined.
Section 257.62 Section“Special mobile equipment” defined.
Section 257.63 Section“Street car” defined.
Section 257.64 Section“Street or highway” defined.
Section 257.65 Section"State" defined.
Section 257.66 Section“Suspension” defined.
Section 257.67 Section“Tandem axle” defined.
Section 257.67a Section“Tandem axle assembly” and “tank vehicle” defined.
Section 257.67b Section“Temporary disability” defined.
Section 257.68 Section“Through highway” defined.
Section 257.69 Section“Traffic” defined.
Section 257.70 Section“Traffic control devices” defined.
Section 257.71 Section“Traffic control order” defined.
Section 257.72 Section“Traffic control signal” defined.
Section 257.73 Section“Trailer” defined.
Section 257.74 Section“Trailer coach” defined.
Section 257.75 Section“Truck” defined.
Section 257.76 Section“Transporter” defined.
Section 257.77 Section“Truck tractor” defined.
Section 257.78 Section“Used or second-hand vehicle” defined.
Section 257.78a Section“Used vehicle parts dealer” or “used or secondhand vehicle parts dealer” defined.

Section 257.79 Section“Vehicle” defined.
Section 257.79a Section“Vehicle salvage pool” defined.
Section 257.79b Section“Vehicle scrap metal processor” defined.
Section 257.79c Section“Wrecker” defined.
Section 257.79d Section“Work zone” defined.
Section 257.79e Section"Wholesaler" defined.
Section 257.80 Section Tenses; definition.
Section 257.81 Section Number and gender; definitions.
Section 257.82 Section“Shall” and “may” defined

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Act 300 of 1949

Chapter II

1.Document Type Description
2.Section 257.201 Section Reference to “division”.
Section 257.202Section Secretary of state as exclusive state agent.
Section 257.203Section Appointment of employees.
Section 257.203aSectionMeaning of “commissioner” in §§ 257.301 to 257.327; effect of §§ 257.201 to 257.203a.
Section 257.204Section Administration and enforcement of act; establishment of highway patrol prohibited; rules; official seal.
Section 257.204aSection Central file of individual driving records; certified copies as evidence; electronic certification; use of computer-generated certified information; persons who may receive information contained in records maintained by secretary of state.
Section 257.204bSection Conviction of attempted violation; effect.
Section 257.205Section Secretary of state; office and branch offices; establishment; employees; bond; liability for loss of money; person appointed to conduct branch office; compensation and expenses.
Section 257.206SectionForms.
Section 257.207Section Administering oaths and acknowledging signatures without fee; certified copy of record; fee; evidence; electronic certification; use of computer-generated certified information.
Section 257.207aSection Electronic driver license status check; request by approved agency; maintenance of written permission by organization; compliance with safeguards; fee.
Section 257.208Section Destruction of certain records; maintaining of records involving operation of commercial motor vehicles.
Section 257.208.amendedSection Destruction of certain records; maintaining of records involving operation of commercial motor vehicles.
Section 257.208aSection Availability of records to the public.
Section 257.208bSection Commercial look-up service; records and information maintained by driver training school operator or limo carrier of passengers; disposition of fees; providing file to nongovernmental person or entity; failure to provide information; fines; definitions.
Section 257.208cSection Disclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 257.208dSection Resale or redisclosure of personal information; duties of recipient.
Section 257.209Section Application for registration; certificate of title; operator's or other license, investigation.
Section 257.210Section Title, registration certificate, permit, license or plate; seizure; possession and custody of plate; security interest.
Section 257.211Section Synopsis, summary, or compilation of laws relating to vehicles; selling price of compilation; disposition and use of money collected.
Section 257.212Section Methods of giving notice; proof.
Section 257.213Section Officers and investigators; powers.
Section 257.214Section Badge of authority.
Section 257.215Section Vehicle unregistered or without certificate of title; operation; misdemeanor, exception.
Section 257.216 Section Vehicles subject to registration and certificate of title provisions; exceptions.
Section 257.217 Section Application for registration and certificate of title; out-of-state vehicle; form; fee; signature of owner; contents; leased pickup truck or vehicle; duties of dealer and person selling or leasing certain vehicles; off lease or buy back vehicle; temporary registration; copy of security agreement; service fee; imprint on back side of check or bank draft; liability for damages; perfection of security interest.
Section 257.217a Section Special registration plate inscribed with official amateur radio call letters; application; proof; fees; issuance of plate for vehicle bearing registration issued pursuant to § 257.801(1)(a) and (q); use on other vehicle as misdemeanor; surrender of plate; submission of application for plate; expiration date.
Section 257.217b Section Moped; manufacturer's identification number.
Section 257.217c Section Acquisition of salvage, distressed, or older model vehicles; issuance of salvage or scrap certificates of title; salvage vehicle inspections; sale of vehicles; notice of designation as scrap vehicle; removal of scrap vehicle from state; determination of repair and labor costs; vehicle inspection fee; “actual cash value” defined.
Section 257.217dSection Special congressional medal of honor registration plate.
Section 257.217eSection Certificate of title for school bus; condition to issuance.
Section 257.217fSection Sale, assignment, or other disposition of vehicle for which salvage certificate of title required.
Section 257.217gSection Pickup camper; manufacturer's identification number.
Section 257.217hSection Liability of motor vehicle manufacturer.
Section 257.217m, 257.217nSection Repealed. 2006, Act 562, Eff. Jan. 1, 2007.
Section 257.217oSection Organ and tissue education fund; creation; deposit; money remaining in fund; disbursement of money to chronic disease division; administrative expenses; "fund" defined.
Section 257.218Section Specially constructed, reconstructed, or foreign vehicle; application for registration; fees.
Section 257.219Section Refusal of registration, transfer of registration, certificate of title, or salvage certificate of title; grounds; temporary registration plate.
Section 257.220Section Application for original registration or certificate of title; examination of indexes and stolen car records.
Section 257.221Section Application for registration; creation and maintenance of computerized central file; records; preservation; availability.
Section 257.222Section Registration certificate and certificate of title; issuance; rebuilt, salvage, or scrap certificate of title issued by another state; delivery; manufacture; contents; coat of arms of state; conduct constituting misdemeanor; penalties; certificate of title for certain vehicles to be different in color; contents of legend.
Section 257.223Section Registration certificate; signature of owner; carrying; display; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.224Section Registration plate generally.
Section 257.225Section Registration plate; attachment to vehicle; legibility; color; distinctive registration plates; name plate, insignia, or advertising device prohibited; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.226Section Expiration of vehicle registration; duties of secretary of state; issuance of registration; tax; validity of certificate of title; special registration; certification; registration of trailer or semitrailer used for recreational purposes; assignment or reassignment of expiration date under international registration plan; applicability of subsection (11) after October 1, 2003; leased vehicle multiyear registration.
Section 257.226aSection Temporary registration plates or markers.
Section 257.226bSection Temporary registration; duration; form; fee; use of vehicle.
Section 257.226cSection Reflectorized reflector plates, tabs, and stickers.
Section 257.227Section Application for renewal of vehicle registration; fee; presentation of certificate of title; waiver; proof of vehicle insurance; transmission of vehicle identification number as proof of insurance.
Section 257.227aSection Vehicle involved in violation; renewal, replacement, or transfer of registration plate; appearance of owner or representative at branch office required; cancellation of registration; circumstances; notice and opportunity to be heard.
Section 257.227bSection Private insurance verification board.
Section 257.228Section Notification of old and new addresses; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.229Section Duplicate registration certificate, registration plate, certificate of title, or duplicate certificate of title.
Section 257.230Section Special identifying number after alteration or defacement of serial number; record.
Section 257.230aSection Motorcycle without visible vehicle identification number; seizure; procedure; “person” defined.
Section 257.231Section Registration of replacement engines.
Section 257.232Section Furnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of driver and motor vehicle records; records maintained in bulk; surveys, marketing, and solicitations; insertion of safeguard in agreement or contract; duties of recipient of personal information; disclosure of list based on driving behavior or sanctions.
Section 257.232aSection Furnishing name and address of lessee of vehicle to secretary of state or police officer.
300-1949-II-SPECIAL-ANTI-THEFT-LAWSDivision SPECIAL ANTI-THEFT LAWS (257.252...257.254)

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Act 300 of 1949

Chapter III


Document Type Description
Section 257.301Section Valid operator's or chauffeur's license required; group designation and indorsements; surrender of other valid licenses; notice; number of licenses permitted; certifying nonpossession of valid license.
Section 257.302Section Operators' and chauffeurs' licenses; persons exempt.
Section 257.302aSection Reciprocal operating privileges.
Section 257.303Section Operator's or chauffeur's license; issuance; prohibitions; revocation; denial of license; "felony in which a motor vehicle was used" defined.
Section 257.303aSection Suspension, revocation, denial, disqualification, or cancellation of license by another state.
Section 257.304Section Repealed. 2000, Act 172, Imd. Eff. June 20, 2000.
Section 257.305, 257.305aSection Repealed. 1990, Act 188, Eff. Aug. 15, 1990.
Section 257.306Section Temporary instruction permit; operation of motor vehicle without operator's license or permit; temporary driver education certificate; motorcycle temporary instruction permit; temporary instruction permit to drive vehicle requiring vehicle group designation or vehicle group indorsement.
Section 257.307Section Application for operator's or chauffeur's license; manner; contents; image and signature; equipment; use of image and information; access by law enforcement agency; signature and certification; fee; refund; organ donor registration; driving record from another jurisdiction; application for original, renewal, or upgrade of vehicle group designation or indorsement; issuing renewal license by mail or other methods; information manual; disclosure or display of social security number; electronic access to organ, tissue, and eye donor registry.
Section 257.307aSection Operator or chauffeur license containing vehicle group designation; contents.
Section 257.307b.addedSection Application by male for operator's license or chauffeur's license; registration of applicant with federal selective service system.
Section 257.308Section Application of minor for operator's license; condition to approval; exception.
Section 257.309Section Examination of applicant for operator's or chauffeur's license; waiver; exception; certification of licensee applying for renewal of license by mail; examining officers; conducting examinations; report of findings and recommendations; rules; issuance of original operator's or chauffeur's license without vehicle group designation or indorsement; behind-the-wheel road test; waiver; prohibited conduct.
Section 257.310Section Operator's or chauffeur's license; issuance; applicant for motorcycle indorsement or vehicle group designation; contents of license; digitized license; unlawful acts; penalties; temporary driver's permit; medical data or anatomical gift; designation of patient advocate or emancipated status; duplicates of license; emergency medical information card; participation in organ, tissue, and eye donor registry.
Section 257.310aSection Repealed. 1978, Act 139, Eff. May 1, 1979.
Section 257.310bSection Expired. 1979, Act 66, Eff. Oct. 1, 1980.
Section 257.310cSection Operator's or chauffeur's license; persons not previously licensed; temporary instruction permit; exception.
Section 257.310dSection Designation of license as probationary for 3 years; suspension of license or imposition of probationary terms and conditions; duration; examination; reexamination; extension of probationary period; failure to appear for reexamination; notice of reexamination; additional provisions.
Section 257.310eSection Graduated licensing.
Section 257.311Section Possession of operator's or chauffeur's license or receipt when operating motor vehicle required; display; identification.
Section 257.311aSection Issuance of receipt for operator's or chauffeur's license; form; approval; design; effect; expiration of receipt and license; renewal of license.
Section 257.312Section Restricted operator's or chauffeur's license; contents; expiration; suspension or revocation; violation as misdemeanor; exceptions.
Section 257.312aSection Motorcycle indorsement; issuance, suspension, revocation, cancellation, or renewal; special restricted license to operate moped; requirements; duration; expiration; fees.
Section 257.312bSection Motorcycle endorsement; examination; motorcycle safety course; waiver of driving test; autocycle or 3-wheeled motorcycle; restriction; development of driving test; rules; audit; third party motorcycle program; prohibited conduct.
Section 257.312cSection Motorcycle endorsement; application; fee; disposition of money.
Section 257.312dSection Reference to operator's or chauffeur's license as including motorcycle or vehicle indorsement or vehicle group designation.
Section 257.312eSection Group commercial motor vehicle designation; tests; holder of unexpired operator's or chauffeur's license; qualifications and fees for vehicle group designation and indorsement; F vehicle indorsement; exceptions; former indorsements; requirement for certain indorsements to operate school bus; waiver of driving skills test; expiration; disposition of money collected under subsection (8); refund to county or municipality; compliance with MCL 257.303 and 257.319b; requirements for implementing and enforcing federal law.
Section 257.312fSection Vehicle group designation or indorsement on operator's or chauffeur's license; hazardous material indorsement; age; tests; waiver; conditions prohibiting issuance of vehicle group designation; determining applicability of subsection (5); "farm related service industry" defined.
Section 257.312gSection Transportation of hazardous material; hazardous material endorsement on operator's or chauffeur's license required; violation; penalty.
Section 257.312hSection Vehicle group designation and indorsement on chauffeur's license; person issued original chauffeur's license or person 60 or older; additional fees; duration of indorsement; disposition and refund of fees.
Section 257.312iSection Pickup truck with fifth wheel assembly and attached semitrailer; R vehicle indorsement required; prohibition; written examination; fee; exemption.
Section 257.313Section Operator's or chauffeur's license; loss, destruction, mutilation, or illegibility; duplicate; proof.
Section 257.314Section Operator's or chauffeur's license; duration; expiration; identification of licensee less than 21; renewal; extension.
Section 257.314aSection Repealed. 1978, Act 139, Eff. May 1, 1979.
Section 257.314bSection Repealed. 2004, Act 362, Imd. Eff. Oct. 4, 2004.
Section 257.315Section Operator's and chauffeur's licenses; change of address; notice; use of residence address on qualified voter file; failure to report change; violation; penalty; appeal.
Section 257.316Section Operator's or chauffeur's license; filing and indexing applications; records.
Section 257.316aSection Repealed. 1990, Act 188, Eff. Aug. 15, 1990.

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Act 300 of 1949
Chapter V


Document Type Description
300-1949-V-ADMINISTRATIONDivision ADMINISTRATION (257.501...257.502a)
300-1949-V-GENERAL-PROVISIONSDivision GENERAL PROVISIONS (257.531...257.532)

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Act 300 of 1949

Chapter VI


Document Type Description

Section 257.601Section Applicability of chapter to operations on highways; exceptions.
Section 257.601aSection Private road open to general public; contract.
Section 257.601bSection Moving violation in construction zone, emergency scene, or school zone; penalties; placement of signs; exceptions; definitions.
Section 257.601cSection Moving violation causing injury or death to person operating implement of husbandry on highway.
Section 257.602Section Compliance with order or direction of police officer.
Section 257.602aSection Failure to stop at signal of police or conservation officer; penalty; subsection (1) inapplicable unless officer in uniform and vehicle identified; violation of subsection (1) as felony; conviction for conduct arising out of same transaction; “serious injury” defined.
Section 257.603Section Applicability of chapter to government vehicles; exemption of authorized emergency vehicles; conditions; exemption of police vehicles not sounding audible signal; exemption of persons, vehicles, and equipment working on surface of highway.
Section 257.604Section Riding animal or driving animal-drawn vehicle on roadway; rights and duties.
Section 257.605Section Applicability and uniformity of provisions; local laws and regulations; payment and allocation of civil fines; issuance of more than 1 citation; equipment violations; definitions.
Section 257.606Section Regulation of streets or highways under jurisdiction of local authority and within reasonable exercise of police power; stop sign or traffic control device requiring state trunk line highway traffic to stop; approval; posting signs giving notice of local traffic regulations; providing by ordinance for impounding of motor vehicle parked contrary to local ordinance; bond or cash deposit.

Section 257.606aSection Maintenance of highway by state or local government; duty; immunity from tort liability; exception.
Section 257.607Section Realty owners' regulation of traffic on private property.
300-1949-VI-ACCIDENTSDivision ACCIDENTS (257.617...257.624b)
300-1949-VI-SPEED-RESTRICTIONSDivision SPEED RESTRICTIONS (257.627...257.633)
300-1949-VI-MISCELLANEOUS-RULESDivision MISCELLANEOUS RULES (257.676...257.682b)
300-1949-VI-EQUIPMENTDivision EQUIPMENT (257.683... 257.714b)
300-1949-VI-INSPECTION-OF-VEHICLESDivision INSPECTION OF VEHICLES (257.715...257.715a)
300-1949-VI-SIZE-WEIGHT-AND-LOADDivision SIZE, WEIGHT AND LOAD (257.716...257.750)

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Act 300 of 1949

Chapter VII


Document Type Description

Section 257.801Section Registration taxes on vehicles; schedules; computation; exemption from ad valorem taxes on vehicles in stock or bond; increase and disposition of certain taxes; late fee; definitions.
Section 257.801aSection Registration fees; portable feed mills or mixers.
Section 257.801bSection Refund of specific tax paid in error; refund of dealer license fees; refund on and return of registration plates or tabs; refund in case of original application for certain registration plates; refund or credit for plates issued under § 257.801g.
Section 257.801cSection Nonpayment of check or draft for fee or tax on vehicle; liability; penalties; collection of delinquent accounts.
Section 257.801dSection Repealed. 2003, Act 152, Eff. Oct. 1, 2003.
Section 257.801eSection Moped; application for registration; form; signature; fee; issuance and contents of certificate of registration; insurance; size, legibility, and inspection of certificate; issuance and display of decal; rules; certificate of registration for use in testing or demonstrating moped; duration of registration.
Section 257.801fSection Moped; notice of destruction or abandonment; surrender and cancellation of certificate of registration; notice of change of address; transfer of certificate; fee; duration of registration; duplicate certificate.
Section 257.801gSection Apportionment of fee under international registration plan if permitted by reciprocal compact, agreement, or other arrangement; definition; issuance of registration plate and cab card upon payment of apportioned fee; purchase of annual international registration plan plates; service fee; notice; effect of late payment; effect of surrendering or not surrendering registration plate; temporary registration.
Section 257.801hSection Fleet registration; application; issuance and display of registration plates; tax; adding or deleting registration; ineligible vehicle; determination of owner's compliance.
Section 257.801iSection Issuance of registration for more than 1 period.
Section 257.802Section Special registrations; registration of commercial vehicles and motorcycles; temporary registration plates or markers; tax rates, fees, and service charges; disposition.
Section 257.802aSection Temporary permits; collection and disposition of fee; bulk sales to agents.
Section 257.803Section Special plates for manufacturer, transporter, or dealer; fees.
Section 257.803aSection Issuance of historic vehicle registration plate or registration tab; fee; certification; registration certificate; registration transferable; expiration or revocation of registration.
Section 257.803bSection Personalized registration plate; number; use; letters and numbers; offensive connotation; material; duplication prohibited; submission of application; payment, disposition, and use of service fee; expiration date; letters and numbers given to different person in subsequent year; other sequence of letters and numbers; temporary permit.
Section 257.803cSection Personalized registration plates; confiscation for improper use.
Section 257.803dSection Special registration plates for disabled persons or for vehicles used to transport disabled persons; inscription; statements; fees; application; violation; penalty.
Section 257.803eSection Special registration plate for certain persons; inscription; application; form; proof; service fee; issuance of plate; exemption; misdemeanor; expiration of plate; application for renewal.
Section 257.803fSection Special registration plates for totally disabled veterans; inscription; application; form; service fee; proof; tax exemption; expiration of plates; renewal; tab for persons with disabilities; misdemeanor.
Section 257.803gSection Special registration for member of congress from ; issuance; expiration; fee.
Section 257.803hSection Tab for persons with disabilities.
Section 257.803iSection Special registration plate for member of national guard, military reserve, or armed services; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803jSection Special registration plate for member or spouse of member of armed services during Korean war; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803kSection Special registration plate for member or spouse of member of armed services during Vietnam war; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803lSection Special registration plate for member or spouse of member of armed services during World War II; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803mSection Special organization plates.
Section 257.803nSection Special registration plate for member or spouse of member of national guard, reserve, or branch of armed services during Persian Gulf war or conflicts in Grenada, Panama, or Lebanon; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803oSection Special registration plate for member or spouse of member of national guard, reserve, or branch of armed services called to active duty during declared war or armed conflict; display of vignette; inscription; application form; proof; fee; issuance; tab for persons with disabilities; tax; misdemeanor; expiration; renewal.
Section 257.803pSection Authentic registration plate; fee; certification; registration certificate; transferability; validity; revocation of registration.
Section 257.803qSection Special registration plate; “honorary consul” designation; fee; tax; prohibited use; violation as misdemeanor; expiration; status or immunity.
Section 257.803rSection Service fees; deposit in transportation collection fund.
Section 257.804Section Fee for duplicate, replacement, distinctive, or commemorative plates; deposit in transportation collection fund.
Section 257.805Section Repealed. 1951, Act 51, Eff. June 1, 1951.
300-1949-VII-LICENSESDivision LICENSES (257.811...257.812)
300-1949-VII-MISCELLANEOUSDivision MISCELLANEOUS (257.813...257.811q)

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Act 300 of 1949

Chapter VIII


Document Type Description

Section 257.901Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 257.901aSection Violation of § 257.311; waiver of fine and costs; certification.
Section 257.902Section Violation of act; felony, penalty.
Section 257.903Section False certification as felony; penalty.
Section 257.904Section Operating vehicle if license, registration certificate, or designation suspended, revoked, or denied; penalty; extending period of suspension or revocation; informing court of record and status; applicability.
Section 257.904aSection Operation of motor vehicle by unlicensed person as misdemeanor; penalty; second offense.
Section 257.904bSection Order of impoundment.
Section 257.904cSection Vehicle immobilization required; duties of peace officer; validity of temporary vehicle registration; duration.
Section 257.904dSection Vehicle immobilization; order; “vehicle immobilization” defined; prior conviction.
Section 257.904eSection Vehicle immobilization; manner; storage; removal; impoundment.
Section 257.904fSection Vehicle registration records; disclosure.
Section 257.905Section Violation of financial responsibility chapter; penalty.
Section 257.905[1]Section Prohibited acts; penalty.
Section 257.906Section Right of police officer to enter upon private road.
Section 257.907Section Civil infraction not crime; payment of civil fine and costs; program of treatment, education, or rehabilitation; sanctions; schedule of civil fines and costs; recommended range of civil fines and costs; certification of repair of defective equipment; collection of civil fines or costs; noncompliance with order or judgment; additional assessment; waiver of fines and costs.
Section 257.908Section Default as civil contempt; penalty.
Section 257.909Section Application and allocation of civil fines to public and county law libraries.
Section 257.910Section Conviction based on plea of nolo contendere; treatment.

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Chapter 257


Document Type Description

Act 300 of 1949Statute VEHICLE CODE (257.1 - 257.923)
***** 257.248c SUBSECTION (1) APPLIES UNTIL JULY 1, 1994; SUBSECTION (3) APPLIES BEGINNING JULY 1, 1994 ***** ***** 257.208.amended THIS AMENDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 31, 2010 ***** ***** 257.208 THIS SECTION IS AMENDED EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 31, 2010: See 257.208.amended *****

Act 387 of 1978Statute LOANS TO MOTOR CARRIERS (257.931 - 257.937)
Act 235 of 1969Statute CONTROL OF TRAFFIC IN PARKING AREAS (257.941 - 257.943)
Act 62 of 1956Statute UNIFORM TRAFFIC CODE (257.951 - 257.955)
Act 175 of 1958Statute REGULATION OF VEHICLES ON SCHOOL PROPERTY (257.961 - 257.961)
Act 2 of 1960Statute TAX ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES (257.971 - 257.973)

Act 198 of 1965Statute MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT CLAIMS ACT (257.1101 - 257.1133)

Act 263 of 2005Statute VEHICLE PROTECTION PRODUCT ACT (257.1241 - 257.1623)
Act 300 of 1974Statute MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICE AND REPAIR ACT (257.1301 - 257.1340)
Act 119 of 1986Statute USED MOTOR VEHICLE PARTS (257.1351 - 257.1355)
Act 158 of 1991Statute AFTERMARKET CRASH PARTS ACT (257.1361 - 257.1364)
Act 87 of 1986Statute NEW MOTOR VEHICLE WARRANTIES (257.1401 - 257.1410)
Act 55 of 1997Statute ELECTRIC PATROL VEHICLE ACT (257.1571 - 257.1577)
Act 178 of 1981Statute CITY MOTOR VEHICLE RACING ACT OF 1981 (257.1701 - 257.1712)
Act 187 of 1990Statute THE PUPIL TRANSPORTATION ACT (257.1801 - 257.1877)
Act 271 of 1990Statute LIMOUSINE TRANSPORTATION ACT (257.1901 - 257.1939)

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Act 51 of 1951

247.655a Seasonal county road system.

Sec. 5a.

(1) The board of county road commissioners of each county may establish a system of seasonal county roads, which may be part of either the county primary road system, the county local road system, or both systems. A board of county road commissioners in establishing a system of seasonal county roads, may declare a road under the jurisdiction of the board to not be open to public travel during the months of November through April, which road shall then not be open to public travel.

(2) The seasonal county road system shall include any road under the jurisdiction of the board of county road commissioners which that board determines shall not be open to public travel each year for a period of less than 12 months. The system of seasonal county roads shall be selected on the basis of seasonal use of the roads and in accordance with rules promulgated by the state transportation department. A board of county road commissioners may include or exclude roads in the seasonal county road system upon adoption of a proper resolution but only after holding a public hearing. Notice of the public hearing shall be given to the clerk of the county and of each city, village, or township in which the roads are situated and published at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation in that county, the first notice to be not less than 30 days before the hearing and the second notice not less than 7 days before the hearing. The notice shall contain the date, time, and place of the hearing and shall describe in general terms the action proposed to be taken by the board, the roads to be affected, and the period of time that the roads shall not be open to public travel. The business which the board may perform at the public hearing shall be conducted at a hearing held in compliance with Act No. 267 of the Public Acts of 1976, as amended, being sections 15.261 to 15.275 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. In addition to the other notices required by this subsection, public notice of the time, date, and place of the hearing shall be given in the manner required by Act No. 267 of the Public Acts of 1976, as amended. If at the hearing an objection is made to the designation of a road as a part of the seasonal county road system by a person occupying a structure located upon or along the road as the person's principal residence, the commissioners shall not designate that road as a part of the seasonal county road system unless the commissioners provide that person with immediate access to a road which is not a part of the seasonal county road sytsem.

(3) Within 30 days after final adoption of a resolution establishing a seasonal county road system, the board of county road commissioners shall file with the state transportation department and each city, village, or township in which the roads are situated a full record of its determination.

(4) The designation of a road as part of the seasonal county road system shall not affect the certification of the road under this act, but if the road is not open to public travel during the months of December to April, the road shall be excluded for purposes of the distribution of snow removal funds under section 12a.

(5) A road included as part of the seasonal county road system shall be excluded for the purposes of determining the distribution of funds under sections 12(4) and 12b for each year in which the road is part of the seasonal county road system.

(6) A map shall be maintained and on display in the office of each board of county road commissioners which has established a seasonal county roads system which shall also inform the public of the dates the road or road shall not open to public travel.

(7) The board shall place and maintain signs on all roads designated as seasonal county roads, which signs shall describe the roads as seasonal county roads.
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