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i am starting to consider lift options for my jeep,

i am looking for about 2.5 to 3'' of total suspension lift.

my jeep is a 2004 tj with a 2.4l 4 banger and a soft top only.

the ome kits are a light duty and a heavy duty.

i am just wondering what do you think the best setup for my jeep would be, i want to keep it light weight and ride smooth but also flex really good

does the light duty setup actually provide 2.5'' lift, i heard it was only about 1.5 but the majority of people have 4.0's also and what about the rear?

would the hd provide more than 2.5-3'' lift with my jeep and also ride harsh due to being a stiffer spring rate??

what about the front and rear track bars? i know it comes with a rear relocation bracket, but what about the front? is 2.5'' of lift not enough to worry about it?

and tcase drops? do you think i would need one, obviously a sle is the only true solution, but i am against t case drops it defeats the purpose of a lift in the first place, besides i want to add a belly up in the future either 33 engineering or nth degree

i also am looking at the nth degree rear spring relocators which seem to be nice add ons. the spring relocators also add about 1.5'' lift so maybe a light duty kit would be good in conjunction with these to get me to appox 3'' lift

sorry its so long, just have a lot to think about :teehee:

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i currently have the ome 2" hd lift on my 03 rubicon. rides nice, better than the skyjacker,bds,rubicon express lifted jeeps that i have ridden in. with the lift, i have front and rear adjustable track bars, jks discoes,jks 1.25 bl/mml (eliminates need for transfer case drop) with 33x12.5x15 tires. i recommend this setup except the tires, 33x10.5x15 would be a little easier on the 4 banger , less rotating mass. i have found this to be a good daily driver/ weekend warrior setup.
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