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I have an OEM take-off tan leather seat cover from a factory sample seat (Ford employee got a complete seat for an office chair project that never happened and I bought it off CL to try to put in my E350, but mounts were different). Believe it's from a '97 truck but not sure and may fit other years anyway.

So it's used with some very light wear from being moved around (before I stripped cover off and trashed the structure) but never saw actual use in a vehicle. No tears or rips or butt wear, just a couple scuff marks.

Upper/back cover: There are two horizontal perforated panels in the center of the lower part of the cover below the upper panel with "LARIAT" embroidered in it. The "LARIAT" panel is at shoulder height and is below the integrated headrest cover.

Lower cover The three middle panels of the lower seat cover are all perforated and oriented horizontally/side-to-side and there's one small panel between them and the back edge of the seat cover, where it meets the seat back.

I can't post pictures due to file limits, will get some up and edit post. I'm guessing the description of the perforated panels is sufficient to tell if it's the same as yours.

Just trying to get something out of this failed purchase. These go for stupid money on eBay, but thought I'd try to help someone out here first. If they don't sell, they'll end up there.

No trades. Firm price. Pick up only near Ann Arbor. First person with cash takes it, not holding it for anyone after previous bad experiences. I can take full price via PayPal if someone wants me to take it off the market until they can get it.

I am traveling at the end of this week, so keep that in mind on coordinating pickup.
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