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After waiting nearly 3 years I've given up on waiting for my fathers back to be well enough to finish our Jeep project. Now I just want to get it on the road. It needs the front axle installed. The axle is a Dana 44 and came out of a YJ already. I have also converted to shackle reversal at the same time. Problem is the last 2 times I tried to start bolting it up the measurements are off. I dont want to have it tracking crooked down the road.

SOOOO. Im looking for a few guys/gals who have done this before to halp me install the axle/suspension. I will have a buddy there who can weld, and all the tools including the welder, pizza, beer etc. I am willing to pay or trade for your help.

I will be available most any time you are. Its located in Clinton Twp. near 14 mile and Gratiot.

PM me if you think you can help

Thanks Derek
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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