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I was involved in the off roading scene about 10 years ago but have been out of it since then. I'm just getting back into it and seeing how much technology has progressed in some areas, and how it hasn't in others. (Why is it that nobody makes ring & pinion sets of various ratios for the Rockwell 2.5 ton axles? They're getting pretty popular from what I can see!)

My main question here is about rear steering. Are there any rear-steer systems available that would be safe on a vehicle that sees highway use? Now obviously the rear steer itself would be a strictly for low-speed offroad maneuvering & parking, but is there a system available that could simply be locked straight for highway use, preferably from the cab?

I am considering possibly designing an expedition/overland travel rig, an offroad RV in the same vein as the EcoRoamer & EarthRoamer rigs. What I would ideally like to be able to do is use a trio of Rockwell steering axles to build a 6x6 RV that drives conventionally on the highway but can then have the rear steering engaged to make those tight turns on the mountain switchbacks (or park in town). The rear wheels would be controlled independently of the front allowing the rig to not only turn much sharper than it otherwise would be able to but to essentially drive sideways as well. But for a system like this to be of any use on this type of rig it would have to be able to be safely locked out for highway travel and the re-engaged for parking/maneuvering without having to actually climb underneath the vehicle & physically install/remove a set of lock-out bars.

Advice would be greatly appreciated! (If you know of anyone who has introduced alternate gear sets for the Rockwell 2.5 ton axles that would be good news as well!)
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