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ok, so my old raz got dropped on it's head one to many times and didn't wanna play nice anymore, so verizon trade me for a new one. but i forgot to get my favorite ringtone off of it and now i can't find it anymore.

i'm pretty sure it was a wav file, and it was a sound effect from CRAZY FROG.

it sounded something like chooga chooga chooga chooga chooga chooga wee wee choogachoogachooga WEE WEE choogachhooga WEE WEE

it starts out slow and then gets faster and faster and faster. my wife thinks it's the most obnoxious sounding thing ever, but i like it, it's easy to hear over the air tools at work, and it made everybody smile or laugh when it rang in public. LOL

but i found it on the internet and then send it to my phone via e-mail, but now i can't find the file anymore. anybody???

and incase anybody doesn't know who crazyfrog is:


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