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Need Body & Paint Skilled Referrals

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I am hoping someone here can refer me to some good body repair people and paint people. I built up my wife's 97 XJ last summer and she was hit on Friday. The vehicle may be totaled, but this is currently uncertain. If it is my financial situation (i.e, unemployed for just over 1 year) virtually forces me to purchase the car and have it fixed or do as much of the work as I can myself (I have a welder, but do not currently know how to use it). That said, can any of you refer to to some competent people that do this type of work?

The left side of her car has b-pillar damage (I did not notice this; maybe low near the rocker panel?), the full length of the rocker panel below the doors, both left side doors and everything associated with the doors. My understanding is some deviation has occurred to the left side of the floor pan but I do not know the location or the extent of the damage.

If I take this on, I'll have to have the vehicle completed by the beginning of September.


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Snover Auto Body... Snover MI a little bit of a drive, but he is very good, he always goes above and beyond
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