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driving home this morning from a bond fire with a couple good friends and a little mud run i got pulled over in my cherokee because of a busted tail light.

so the officer says:
you know you have a tail light out and a shock hanging?

i was like yes officer i just noticed it...

he asked if i was drinking b/c i just put in my jcr steering and the damn thing is all over the road with no stabalizer or sway bar

so he checked everything out and started asking if my 15 year old cousin was allowed to be out at 2am. so i shot the shit with him and told him my cousin was like a brother to me and he will be following in my footsteps and going to a military college in SC blah blah blah

he goes back to the squad car and runs the plates and checks my record, then comes back and says

nice jeep, you're free to go.

now this is where it gets good.

i make it literally 3 miles to turn onto m59 and i see a state cop sitting in the gas station. no sooner i pull into the turn lane he turns on the lights.

him and his partner approach the jeep and i start cracking up and hand them my licence and stuff. I laughed and said i was pulled over 2 minutes ago and got a warning blah blah blah.

the cop didn't believe me and no sooner did he start back to his squad car the sheriff roles up and screams on the PA:

"Attention members of the state police, this vehicle has already been pulled over and is free to go!"

so the state boys were embarrassed and let me go.

lesson learned:

don't drive at 2 am with a muddy pos jeep and you dont have :miff: problems.:thumb:

Cadillac pimpin
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Very cool of him. Now get the damn tail light fixed.
x2 :tonka: that was nice.

I had a Ypsi cop pull me over (when I was driving my bagged Ranger) and ask where I got my rims and if I could lower his truck.

No Money = No Fun
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Hahahahah, that is great. We didn't get pulled over on our way home. You must just suck, but I love how the Sheriff did that.

The Biohazards
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bond fire? You're friends must be rich as hell!
Remember 2 years ago after pig stock when I was giving you a lift home...

We were a little tipsy, middle of day... he asks about my lack of side mirrors... i explained that I had just pulled the doors off and forgot to put them on...

he was like no biggie, then started talking about his CJ-7

no tickets... no nothing...

A few weeks ago I was on my Bike returning home from a poker game and a guy in a car was tailing me a little to close for comfort....

my bike is pretty quick so I made a left turn and got on it to lose the guy..
headlights come my way and wouldnt you know it it was a cop.

He pulls me over...

He was like do you know what I pulled you over for, and I said yes and explained about the car and explained Id rather get the speeding ticket than get rear ended by a drunk. He then started talking to me about his road king... no tickets.
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