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In the pic above its 108" wheel base. Not 100% sure where it will end up, and thats not ride hieght, just as high as those stands would lift.

Right now I am waiting...

artec front and rear truss's ordered with coil over tabs.
Ruffstuff bushings and sleeves for motor mounts and crossmember parts.
Northwest np205 clocking ring

Waiting to get started on the bushings so I can get the motor etc in place.

Right now..
96 351 roller motor (donor from eb)
c6 but might change it up or atleast get a long tailshaft c6 instead of short. (donor from eb)
np205 twinsticked
ford front 60 5.38's spicer 35 spline outers, drive flanges, spartan locker(donor from eb)
14 bolt shaved welded 5.38s disc converision(donor from eb)
single ended hyd steering (donor from eb)
4 link front and rear
eb grille/hood/fenders atleast and eb dash

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So question time.....plan is to use 1.25 hiems on the links, what is the ideal material for the links themselves.....think liv2mx style wheeling :sonicjay:.

Also with the front driveshaft...carrier style set-up in front of the tcase. Was looking at PJ's setup..

Funny. Im designing a similar setup in 1310,1410,1480

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2.5" 7075 alluminium links.
Good choice. If weight isn't a concern and you just plain didn't think of aluminum back when you made your links 5 years ago, you could go with 2.25" OD .375" wall DOM like me. Beef.

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Problem with oe style is loads and stress of the operating angle diff side will see. the rubber will just get torn shit in five minutes.
bones has been running an oem bushing style on his rear engine buggy and is very happy with it. ive run the standard carrier bearing from surplus center. seem to get about a year out of them before you need to replace them.

i like that design your looking at. i think branik also makes a custom carrier bearing like that. but again its all expensive.

I ran 2" 7075 alluminium links on my last buggy and loved them. but stepping up to 1.25 heims i would probably step up to 2 1/4 or 21/2 links.

my new cruiser is running 2" 1/4 wall dom. i know they will end up bending but it was cheaper than alluminium and worked with the weld in bungs i got with my ruff stuff heim kits.
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