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More Two Tracks are going to be closed by the Forest Service in Michigan. We need your help now, before more roads are closed!

Your favorite trails may already be officially closed. Even though there is no sign or gate at the beginning of a trail, it still may be illegal for you to drive there. If you are caught there you may be cited with misdemeanor charges and fined. Unless you consult a GPS and a current Motor Vehicle Use Map at each and every turn, you won’t know if it is legal to be there or not.

Congress has given the US Forest Service the task of closing as many Forest Roads as possible to reduce the costs of maintaining the roads. According to 36 CFR 112.5(b) : “For each national forest, national grassland, experimental forest, and any other units of the National Forest System (§212.1), the responsible official must identify the minimum road system needed for safe and efficient travel and for administration, utilization, and protection of National Forest System lands.”

How can you help keep these roads open? Read the link below for more information.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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