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the state politicians screw up the state.
now the only way they can see to fix it is to tax the living shit out of people who are already struggling. real smart

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Interesting information here. The cell phone website posted really makes this seem like we are getting screwed and though this would be a new tax and it would also be new tax increase it's not what they make it seem like. I actually went to the michigan legislature site and did some research before signing the petition, which I have still not signed and prolly wont. Here is what I found.

Michigan Legislature Committee Summary said:
The bills would continue, but amend, a
charge-based funding mechanism for 9-1-1
service in the State that otherwise will
sunset December 31, 2007. Retaining the
funding mechanism would generate chargebased
revenue of approximately $27.5
million to be used to fund costs related 9-1-
1 service in the State, which would closely
approximate current revenue.
Under the current statute, 29 cents is
charged monthly on each cell phone bill in
the State. The revenue from this surcharge
is distributed by the State in the following
way: 25 cents to counties, one cent to the
Michigan State Police, one and one-half cent
for training, one-half cent for providers for
billing costs, and one cent to land line
network providers. This surcharge brings in
approximately $20 million annually, and
other provisions in the statute allowing
technical charges for communication
companies add another approximately $8.4
The bills would change the current 9-1-1
charge from a 29-cent surcharge on cell
phone bills (covering 6.6 million phone bills)
to 25 cents on each communication device
(land line and cell phones and others) that
have access to 9-1-1 services
(approximately 12.3 million actual devices;
9.3 million which would be charged under
the bills), and remove the current separate
technical charge. The proposed new
surcharge would generate approximately
$27.5 million. After a 2% surcharge for
billing and collection was applied,
approximately $27.0 million would be
distributed by the State in the following way
(fiscally very similar to amounts distributed
under current law): 62.25% to counties,
distributed on a 40% equal basis and 60%
by population; 31.25% to fund common
network costs (replacing the technical
charge); 3.75% to 9-1-1 training programs;
and 2.75% to fund State 9-1-1 office and
Bottom line as I read it (and I've been known to be wrong), is that your cell phone tax will actually go down 4 cents. The extra generated money will come from a tax on landlines, VOIP, etc..

BUT the real tax isn't the one they even reference on their website (senate bill 410) which I thought was odd. There is also a house bill #4852 that is proposing an additional tax of $1.35 per month. That fee is totally new and a substantial increase since you are already paying $0.29 per month. If both bills go through your total tax for 911 services would be $1.60 per month.

Personally, I'm for extending the SB410 tax to all communication devices that can make a 911 call. I'm not so sure about the House Bill though. It doesn't really seem on point. Here's some links if you want to do some research....


SB410 Summary:


HB4852 Summary:

I found the HB4852 summary to be very interesting. check out the link and look where they want the $1.35 per month fee to go (23% will go to the forensic science division - what's that got to do with 911 calls?). In case you are wondering, $1.35 per month per user is about $16.5 million per month for the state.

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Either way - a new tax is our government's way to get their hands in there. Once the tax is established - UP IT GOES.
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