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Well, thought I start my post for the XJ build. You may know me and my MJ but had to get rid of her for the XJ. More room for the kids. But Not looking back for now. So the low down is I kept my 33x9.5 tires and the heart of MiNi Beast. my 8.8 410LSD disks, so thats going under the XJ replacing the 8.25, mounting the 1 1/2" UBE and 4.5 RE springs. Front is getting 6.5" springs with the RK 3 link LA set up. The XJ is 2wd, but already has 4wd conversion started less the tranny and tcase. Which I have a AX-15/231 combo waiting to go in after the lift.
So my very first Jeep...89' Wagoneer
Then my MJ, bought for $100 down in FL and drove back to MI...


Then the 3" lift with the 31's...

Then maybe you seen me at the 9th Annual Clean up...

Maybe afterwards...

Recognize me yet...

No? Maybe when I got pulled out three times...?

Maybe you seen me out on the trail at the Fall Colors Tour of 07'...


But I did at least get her up on 33's...

But shortly got the XJ and the MJ had to go...

So sold MJ and started collecting parts for my build...
Got my clear corner lenses from K2 motor, sweetness :rock on:
Started working on the 8.8. Taking the perches back off getting it ready for the 1 1/2" UBE. :brows: End of the week I'll be ordering the last of everything then it is on for the build up.

And this pics is thanks to Pete M, thought I share for reference...

Well got my RK 3 link LA kit.

My brake lines from Rusty's...

My AX-15/231 Combo going in to complete 4x4...
:rock on:
My daughter having fun with the RK packing material....

Track bar with a new heim joint, Heim was $11.20 but the shipping was $16.50, but they got great deals on heims, going to build my own X steering with heims..

YJ slip yoke $60 bucks shipped to my door from

Frame to axle extended brake line, $50 from local jeeper

3/4" D shackles, priceless, $10 each

The sound bar I got for free...

And today. I love to wake up to a delivery. :

Shock mounts that come with...

Have extra area for bump-stops
So that is a good start now. Will continue build up and be down with lift and axle swap by hopefully the 10th Annual Trail Clean Up.

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Hoping to get it done by the 19th then whenever from there. Won't have the gears in the front by than, the 19th, but hopefully before july. Going up to Silver for the 4th, then going down to the Badlands on July 18th to 20th so need to have 4x4 done by then.

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Well with *********'s help, got the ube on tonight.

Got the 8.8 up on jack stands



Did a little grinding on the UBE to get that snug fit...

A little touch up to better suit *********...

Now some measuring...
Measured off *********'s Jeep

Pinion angle was set at 88*

Cut off axles mounts for emergency brake cable bing they hit the UBE, being the width was center to center spring bolt hole, 43 3/8"

Then spot welded to keep UBE from tweaking...

Now for a full weld...

Then the rest of them...

1 1/2" spring under????

Fuck no!!
Shock mounts pretty much kept in stock position up on axle... lined them up in the middle with the outside edge of UBE..

Done fucker... ********* Customs

Have to give thanks to ********* for he is a busy guy, but he has helped me out when needed. And even more being that the same time last year he helped me put perches on this same 8.8 and put it under my MJ. So Thanks again *********. :beerbang:

Feel lucky?
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mini beast looks like Vin Diesel.

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Well got the lift in this weekend and it was a fucking pain in the ass. I hate michigan jeeps, so damn rusty.
But done deal now just need to do the typical finesseing to it.

Started putting brakes together and the lines on the axle..

Then started to tear out the rear..

Putting the new one in..

Bud the best tool on any project..

Bolting it down...

Now the front... ditched the crossmember as well

front brackets...


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Finishing up on the bracket..

Now the front axle removal...

Working now on removal of lower control arm mounts..

Got to replace the upper mount bushing on axle...
pound it, press it...? I say fucking burn it out!

Install new one..

Now put axle back in with lift springs....
And remember the importance of jackstands and blocking the tires.. these are pics of jeep after the front fell off the jack stands...

Ok so finally got it so I can get the arms on...

lower arms set at 27.75" and upper arm set at 30" as said by RK in install package..

But the pinion pointed a little high and made the springs off center to the bumpstop, so had readjusted the upper to 29.5". Better but still need some adjustments.
UCA at 30"...

Track bar installed but need to re adjust that yet.. and stock steering remains, but for short while. Have drop pitman arm, and new x steering being made up. So install shortly.

Done except for some finessing...

And a side note.. learned the importance of one of these...

Buddy caught the steering shaft on fire, the plastic cover, so before it took out anything else of importance we use the red thing.

He she is on the 33's...

then the before we lifted it...

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Installed the extended brake lines today

Yeah well got my lines on today up front anyways. I need a new rear line being that during the swap it got toasted by the welder, so replace someday.

But yeah didn't take long for the install, just cut off the ends and added new ends and flared the lines and installed, like 5min for each line.

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