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A friend of mines father in law passed away, and he has been charged with cleaning out the old man's garage. From the stuff he has brought over so far, I'm not sure what the guy did, but he did buy some pretty cheap tools. Anyway, he is looking to peddle them, and I know there are some cheap tool guys on here, so here goes...

Chicago Electric Sawzall, basic harbor freight, orange and silver. $15
3/8" corded drill, china made, black and silver. $10
Power Craft 4 1/2" HD angle grinder, China made, HF I believe. $10
Arrow Electromatic Stapler(T50), probably the best tool in the bunch. $10

2800 watt chinese generator, Chonda motor(Chinese knockoff of Honda), Needs some work. I believe the voltage regulator is probably smoked. The gage on the front is melted, some screws are missing from the front panel where the controls are, and the end cover is gone off the generator. I pulled it a couple times and it fired right up, runs good. I started to move the front cover around with it running, and found out it is in fact producing power, by the large arc. I found the exact same one selling for around $300 new, but don't know about parts availability. $50

I have tried out all the above tools, nothing smells like smoke or makes any abnormal noises, except the generator I guess on the smoke...

All these prizes are available for pickup in Troy near oakland mall, or I'm in Fenton once a week. Make me an offer on the whole lot, or any combination.
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