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You have found the Marketplace. This is a great place to sell stuff, but there are some things that make the sale go much smoother! This is a totally free place to sell and buy , and you can really help out by following the following outline of making a good post.

Post in the correct Forum!
If you are looking to buy something, you should be posting in "Wanted", not "Parts For Sale", etc. You get the point! :thumb:

Links to items for sale on eBay must be in the proper forum!
All links to Craigslist or Ebay must be put in the craigslist/ebay forum.

Descriptive Titles
This makes it easy to look through the forums when the title includes what is actually for sale. Its really simple, and makes items index much better in the search box.

Example of a bad title:
tires for sale

Example of a good title:
(4) 35" TrXuS MT's. 80% Tread, no cuts or patches

See the difference? This makes it clear, and to the point. You will also get hits from people performing searches for specific brands or sizes.

You must post an asking price!

This isn't ebay! Chances are if you post "best offer" you will be offered $3.00 for it, no matter what it is. We discourage bidding in threads, as it stretches out the post in a unnecessary manner and there are no protection policies in place regarding the order of posted bids vs. PM'd bids. If you choose to accept trades, please include some kind of direction as to what you would like in lieu of your item.

Example of a bad price listing:
small block chevy motor, best offer or open for trades

Example of a good price listing:
1986 Chevy 350. Carb'd. Ran when pulled last month. $300.00, or trade for dana 300 t-case

Now you will not receive offers of $3.00, and nobody will try trading you a bunch of junk they have in their basement.

Don't hijack other threads!
If you see someone selling a similar item, don't advertise yours in their thread - that's extremely rude. Make your own thread for your item. :thumb:

Location and Delivery
If you require an exception to this rule, PM Clarkstoncracker.

This is why this site works out so well. Most people are within a days drive. I know it is so much fun to put "your mom" or "prison" as your location in your profile, but it doesn't help sell items. Please include at least the town and perhaps the state in your User Profile. Canadian residents should specify their town and Provence.

IF you do not want to change your location profile, then you MUST include a CITY and state in your listing.

What is even more helpful, is if you post where the item is located, and how you are willling to deliver. If you will ship in the mail, make sure you post that.

Example of a bad location listing:
YJ frame, come and get it.

Example of a good location listing:
YJ frame. Solid, Straight and no soft spots. $275.00. Frame is located in Lansing Michigan. I do travel to chicago twice a month, so I could meet you on the way

Now you will not have to answer pm's or emails asking where your item is located.

When your item sells, CHANGE THE TITLE!

There is nothing worse then comming up on a good deal, pm'n the seller and finding out it already sold. It takes roughly 6 seconds to click "edit post", then click "Go advanced" and add *SOLD* to the title. Please keep the original description as is. Sold items are then moved to the "completed sales" forum. This is useful for finding market value of items you wish to sell. For clarification, you can refer to this thread.

Do not "bump" posts more then once a day

In order to try and get a handle on the ever increasing marketplace activity, this rule will now be enforced.
Replying to your thread, having your friend reply to your thread, or making fake accounts to reply to your thread that do not add any pertinent information, and are simply designed to move your thread to the front of the marketplace more then ONCE A DAY will result in a warning, the thread being deleted, or ALL of your marketplace threads being deleted. Actions will be taken at moderator discretion.

Leave I-Trader feedback!

You can easily leave feedback for a member after completing a sale. Simply click on the i-trader ranking number under the avatar of the users post.

You can view the top traders here at:

I'm much more likely to drive a couple hours to meet someone for a part if they have good comments. I'm sure you are the same way.

The Marketplace is kept clean by Jeepaholic. If you have any questions, or concerns, you can pm him at Jeepaholic (click to send pm)
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