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This is a feeler just incase I need it. I have a powerpoint presentation due this coming Thursday and if I can't start it and finish it by tomorrow night then I may need to hire someone to do it for me because I have way to many things going on this weekend and into the beginning of next week to get it done. If I hire someone to do this for me it would need to be done by someone who has some pretty decent experience with powerpoint because the instructor knows what I'm capable of and mine are usually pretty nice. This is a 15 minute presentation for a physical therapy class which will include a very detailed breakdown of pretty much every muscle involved in throwing a punch. If you are good with powerpoint and have the time let me know and we can discuss a price. I haven't laid out everything that needs to go into it but I'm thinking it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 slides. i will probably add my own pictures so it would mostly be text with some sort of smart art graphics that show the breakdowns.

For those people who think I'm just trying to get someone to do my homework for me you're right but this is a physical therapy class and I have to supply all of the info which has taken many hours of research. If it was a powerpoint class it would be another story.
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