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How should i Paint it?

  • Aqua with White roof and top part of box (look at pic below in post 1)

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • White top (roof box and hood)

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • Similar Mopar Orange

    Votes: 11 25.6%
  • Black

    Votes: 19 44.2%
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So I ended up buying two Chevy Luvs in the past 2 weeks, one from Durfeec (Primer Grey 1975 the main Luv) here on the forum and another one (Orange 1978 Luv) from a guy who lives near my grandmothers.

I plan to bring it back to the glory the chevy Luv should have gotten back in when they were made. How Durfeec already did most the body work, plus did a little modifications on things like:
  • shaved door handles
  • Swinging Tailgate
  • Cowl Hood
I plan on keeping those on it and improve off of it. For the doors I will be installing poppers. And the cowl hood as of right now does not do anything except there for looks, so i will be cutting a hole in the hood.

I am trying to decide from a few paint ideas, one of them i did a quick photoshop seen below.

I will be installing a Isuzu G200 motor instead of the G180 that comes stock in the truck, it will allow for larger improvements in the future like, turbo off an Impulse, 5 speed (4 speed currently and the old G180's do not work with any 5 speeds).

I have also just purchased a Germin C340 GPS and an external antenna that will be mounted on the left side half where the radio goes, and my Ipod mounted to the right side of where the radio belongs. The Ipod will be connected directly to 2 amps. 1 (350w) for my normal speakers, and the other (1200w) one to go to my 10" Polk Audio Sub.

The wheels I will be using are coming from the original truck or the parts truck I had purchased. Either way I believe I am going to paint them black. if i use the ones that are already on the truck I think the chrome insert piece will really shine then.

Most of the interior I will be using from the parts truck, how it came with nearly new carpet, and a brand new dash cover that are both black. And the rest of the parts will be reupholster.

What has been done so far:
  • Purchase GPS
  • Purchase New Wirekit
  • Purchase Popper kit
  • Put the G200 up on the engine stand
  • Started tear down of the parts truck

Here are some other pictures of my purchases so far:

As of right now both trucks are sitting over at my fathers wood shop, parts truck out in the weather and the 75 in the tractor barn. I am going out there from Friday-Sunday to work on it each week unless I got a project to work on at school...and v-day (fiancee told me i had to take that week off) :sonicjay:

I will keep you guys posted as of what gets done each week. once i get this project done I will most likely be selling my blazer as a whole or parting it out, not sure yet.

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thanks, there is like 2 others in Michigan for sale right now that i know of.

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i know of two sitting out in a feild rotting for the past 10 years
Really, there are parts i am still looking for that could be in one of those truck and still be good. How i do not need a frame or body. Do not happen to actually know the owner do you?

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i dunno who owns em ... the property they are on has a burned down pole barn on it so i dunno how to get ahold of the owners last i knew they looked to be in fairly good condition ... but that was 10 years ago

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Over the week i was able to trade for the correct door panels that was suppose to come with my 78 from a guy in Bay City that is on a Chevy Luv forum who bought the other 78 Luv from the same guy.

On Sat. I bought a pair of 6.5 Polk Audio speakers to fit in the original speaker spots in the door panels, how I plan on using the interior from the 78, its primarily all in good condition.

Beyond that I was unable to do anything else how my intake was leaking on my blazer and had to replace the gaskets and ended up taken from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. Just tons of problems I ended up having.

Next weekend I plan on take the part that goes underneath the small front bumper and get it straighten, and see about getting the rest of the 78 apart (transmission, headliner, wheels, front calipers, rear glass, and couple misc things) for it can head to the scrap yard. How even the frame has rust holes big enough to stick my hand through it.

I have new ideas for body and paint for my truck.
-Primary Paint: Matte Black
-Wheels: either 14" or 15" Steel Wheels powder coated red
-Large White Wall Tires
-Signal lights on the sides shaved off.
-Shave the underneath bumper part to make it 1 solid smooth piece.
-Make roll pan for back bumper to keep it all smooth
-Mudflap Girls Grill Emblem
-Mudflap Girls back window stickers
-1955 Nash Rambler Girl Hood ornament (airbrushed).
-Wooden Bed Floor

-Stock Mikado Interior
-Polk Audio 6.5" door speakers
-Polk Audio 10" Sub
-Direct 1200 Amp (for Sub)
-350 Watt off Brand amp (for 6.5" Speakers)
--(truck will not have a radio Ipod directly to both amps, amps to speakers, its how my blazer is and it works out great)
-Germen 340
-Reupholstered Black bench seat
-Reupholstered Black Headliner
-Mikado Steering Wheel
-Still have to figure out what I am going to do about the dash itself.

That is whats on my list right now.

For anyone who knows nothing or very little about the Chevy Luv, when I say anything about Mikado it is referring to my 1978 Luv (parts truck) when they stamp that name on the Luv that means it was the Special edition where it got a special trim options put on it. Like how the squandered Luv had a 2 spoke ugly steering wheel, while the Mikado came with a 3 spoke chrome steering wheel.

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I might have to see about doing that if I do end up needing more parts, but for now I will try to get as much as I can right now, how paw paw is a little bit of a drive for me.

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Have not had much time to talk one here, but I have got some things done.

*bored out 30 thousands over
*new oil pump
*new fuel pump
*new Crank Shaft
*New wire harness is placed in location
*Custom Door Speakers installed

Next 3 weekends:
*Find a pair of Black Bucket Seats
*Shave the side markers
*Paint Back half of frame
*Paint Box, doors, hood, and fenders
*Fiberglass dash
*Finish Rebuild of the motor
*Paint motor

To come a little later
*Custom speaker box for sub
*Paint interior/exterior of cab
*Pull out transmission/drive shaft out of parts truck
*Powder Coat steel wheels Red
*White Wall Tires installed
*New Brakes
*Wood Floor Installed in Box

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FINALLY got some pictures taken.
Did not really get much done as planned which is going to make it for there will be no painting over memorial weekend. :(

I lowered the truck 3" front and back
Pre installed the leather seats
worked on customizing the center console
A little more electrical work (I am not a big fan of it so I am doing a little each time I work on the truck.)

Stock Height


(taken before front was lowered)


Got the first layer of fiberglass cloth on the center console to make the shifter fit inside.

Box same as I got it so far.

Steel Wheels before getting Powder Coat (should be powder coated by this weekend red).
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