(SOLD) 2, 265/75R16 Firestone Transforce AT tires. Decent tread left and even ware. $50 for the two.

P225/60R18 Sentury Touring tire on rim. 5 on 4.5" pattern. Wife needed this to return from a road trip where her rim got damaged. Once home we repaired the original matching rim. No need for this. Tire has about 500 miles on it. $50 for tire and rim.

(SOLD) AMC 20 1 piece axle shaft. Don't know much about these. Pulled them from an AMC 20 axle before scrapping it. Bearings will most likely need to be replaced. $50 for the pair.

(SOLD) 2 steel forklift tanks. Got them for a project years ago I never did. Empty. $40 for the two.

Weather Guard Model 3200 Bed Rat / truck box drawer slide. $200.