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Looks Like the American Top Gear is not going to happen.

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Sweet, It would have been horrible.
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thank god
Never really thought it would.
networks are too dumb to do that here
i'm still hoping an american network pics up the british topgear
i think a. they need to show the real top gear here
b. i heard the american top gear was gonna be hosted by jay leno, now i dont think it would be too bad of a show as long as they didnt try to be like the real top gear. but we could def. use a funny car show
i think a. they need to show the real top gear here
They do.....BBCA
They do.....BBCA

I get it at home. Channel 1xx, I don't remember.
usually 3 show's in a row on wed or tue night I believe.
was every monday night at 8pm. last new episode was a few weeks ago. best show ever. my wife will actually sit down to watch it. oh, on bbc too
If you have anything of an internet connection, you can get the current episodes via the net. It is actually cooler than watching them on BBCA. And Fifth Gear too.
yeah, the BBCA ones are edited for content, it sucks if you've seen the original one. They tend to edit out the penis and gay jokes, and anything that would be funny in the UK, but not in 'merica.
i havent been able to find it on Wide Open West. and i have watched every episode i can find on youtube, google viedo, yahoo, streetfire, and myspace video. however i did find it on comcast on demand yesterday at my girlfriend so i guess i take back what i said. i still dont think a car show hosted by Jay Leno would be bad tho.
Actually its not going to happen THIS UPCOMING SEASON. It's possibly still in the plans though.

We reported yesterday that both NBC's Fall 2008 and Summer 2009 lineups will not include the U.S. version of Top Gear, but that doesn't mean the peacock network isn't keeping the show as a feather in its multicolor plume. There's a section on NBC's website for primetime shows being developed for the 2008-2009 season, and one page is devoted to Top Gear USA. We found its description intriguing. The show is described as three friends performing outrageous challenges and stunts through the "crazy transformations" they make to their cars. Sure, that's one aspect of the show that Clarkson, Mays and Hammond built, but what about the new car reviews that are hilarious, real and informative, as well as featuring the best cinematography on television anywhere in the world? Also, we find it funny that the U.S. cast of hosts, whoever they may be, are described as being "friends". The British hosts are of course BFF, having done the show together for years now, but we doubt the American hosts will have the same rapport right out of the gate. Regardless, if a U.S. version of Top Gear does happen, it won't air anytime soon. Thanks for the tip, Joe!

UPDATE: Here's a great roundup of all the Top Gear USA news to date from Alex Roy.

[Source: NBC]
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