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Like the title says, "Looking to trade a brand new 32x11.5R-15 BFG MT for a newish 30x9.5R-15 BFG AT". When I say brand new I mean it...0 miles.

I have 3 other 30x9.5R-15s that are around 95% and am looking for a 4th so I can put a set on my fiancee's 1979 CJ-7 daily driver (that has 4 mismatched bald tires on it now).

I bought the Mud tire as a spare when I got 4 others from a guy here on gl4x4. I am buying 5 32x12.5R15 BFG ATs in order to have a complete matched set and spare on my rig so the BFG MT will be rim.

Thanks very much for looking.
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