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This will be my first big build but by the time im done with it i hope to have a pretty sweet rig.
This is the first gas 4x4 golf cart that ive ever seen so im hoping all goes as planned.
Im using a 1987 ezgo golf cart for the body and frame and a 1997 polaris sportsman 500 for the drivetrain.
in the simpilest way to describe it im putting the golf cart frame on top of the quad frame. In order to do that i have to extend the 51" wheelbase of the quad to 70". And to get the 700cc snowmobile engine im putting in it i have to extend the body of the golf cart about 9-12".
Ill have to make new body panels from extending the body and fab a roll cage as well as welding new frame rails.
By the time im done i hope to have it all complete with coil-over shocks, push button 4x4, radio and speakers, 26" or 28" moto mtc tires, and electric start.

Also im getting a nice paint job and my friend is going to airbrush.
Im going to powder coat all the suspension parts and get everything all clean and nice looking with a candy orange paint job and black for all the drivetrain
1 - 6 of 6 Posts