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my pos nissan pickup can now be yours!! - $1 (n. muskegon)

Date: 2010-05-02, 11:03PM EDT
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well, the time has come to part ways with my 1995 nissan pickup. It is 2 wheel drive with a 4 cyl. engine and no options. This truck has been a trusted friend to me since i bought it new in december of 1995. but due to a new family and the trucks decreasing reliability, it is time to let her go. There are a FEW minor catches.....


there is some rust. well, EXTENSIVE rust. on the body. on the frame. on pretty much everything. everytime it rains, the truck disintegrates a little more. not sure how i'm gonna get the rust stain off my driveway, but that is my problem.

the speedometer is broken, and has been for a while. this hasn't actually been that big of a problem, the truck is a manual and it is fairly easy to guesstimate your speed based on the gear you are in, engine rpm, and general feel. it IS possible to get it to work by pounding on the dashboard in a particular spot while going around 50 mph, but i usually don't bother, as it makes me look like something of a lunatic to onlookers. speaking of the speedometer....

the odometer, seeing as how it is tied to the speedo, is also non-functioning. so, i have NO IDEA how many miles are actually on the truck. it is for sure more than the 120,000 indicated on the gauge. if it makes you feel better, most of those are highway miles!

the brakes are pretty marginal. the "abs" and "brake" lights have been lit on the dash for a couple years now. which is funny, because this truck doesn't have abs. some guy at the shop told me "if you have the light, you've got abs". bullshit. i am pretty intimately familiar with the handling characteristics of this truck, and after extensive hands on experience, i can tell you, there ain't never been no abs. pretty sure the rear brakes have disintegrated completely. the brake lines are plagued by the aforementioned rust, and will likely fail soon. oh, and the parking brake has been broken for a while, too. park in a flat spot, and leave it in reverse. i have also used a large rock or chunk of wood as a tire chock.

one of the interior door panels disintegrated a long time ago due to me leaving the windows down in rainstorms a few too many times. it has been replaced with a really tastefully finished piece of oak veneer plywood. very classic look, like an old woody!

speaking of the interior, the headliner is beginning to droop. easily fixed with some of those little button things. and at one point a piece of turquoise modeling clay melted on the dash. looks kind of kitschy and shabby chic. Also, you will never have to go to the beach again, as my dog and I have gone plenty and deposited quite a bit of good 'ol lake michigan sand inside!

at one point a few years ago, some squirrels chewed their way through the air intake and built a really cute nest on top of the throttle body using acorns and scraps from the air filter. this was fixed by my insurance and the truck runs fine now!

there is some kind of leak in the gas tank, but if I only fill it halfway the smell of gas is less noticeable.
the tape deck is broken. radio works great!

there is no a/c.

i am of the opinion that the alternator might be on it's way out. about a year ago it seized up, but some judicious application of wd 40 seemed to free it up and it has been fine since then. still, i have my doubts.


truck runs pretty good, considering.....

windshield is newer and uncracked. maybe remove it and use it as a coffeetable?

seatbelts work, i assume. good thing, cause you'll probably need em! and there aren't any airbags, so forget about that.

pretty sure that covers it.

THIS TRUCK REALLY IS A DEATHTRAP. NO NOVICE DRIVERS NEED RESPOND! but if you have some experience, and like to live dangerously, this might just be the ride you are looking for!!! make me an offer! i will consider interesting trades! the cap is not included, but is available separately for 200 bucks. it is WAY more solid than the truck.
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