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Theres accually a push for road quads going on now with the CPSC and they are dead set againest them. if the market could be opened up then all kinds of new machines could appear. Yamaha owns the patents on the single rear wheeled trike so unless someone buys into the rights you won't see any in production anytime soon. there was one about 4 years ago called a "GG" that had a BMW drive line that was sweet looking but only for the road. Peugout also made one. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Checked the bombardiar web site lately? they are coming out with a 3 wheeled single rear wheel vehicle thats legal in the states this year to the tune of $14,000

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I would guess if the dunes had dirrect access they would do away with miles of back ups. the trick is to keep people from being stuipid with the rules. Ogemaw had a few folks kick ther quads off the trailer and went tearing down through town like idiots. its all about learning curve. if you a $250.00 ticket I'm sure they can accomodate you. I can preach till I'm blue but it pays to know every rule where your riding. and carry copies so your friends don't suffer either.

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Time to show support by email (again for some of you).
Email each House Natural Resources Committee Representative by Monday, March 5th.

We're down to the wire and need a last minute 'push' to make sure this gets through Committee.
Your Email only has to be one sentence:

Please support HB4323.

If you want to say anything more, that's great.

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The Latest:

Here is where we are:

Had an appointment at 1:30 yesterday with Senator Birkholz's aide, she was drawn away to some other meeting. She was to call me this morning. Noon has came and gone, no call. Senator Birkholz has complete control of HB 4323 at the moment. She can move it or sit on it.

I visited 8 other Senate offices and either visited with staff or the Senator, are looking decent, just need the Bill to move.

What we need right now, is no less than several hundred e-mails to Senator Birkholz politely asking her to please move the Bill. We need them from the entire state, from every stakeholder. Meaning user, user groups, business owner's, Chambers, County Commissions, Township Boards. Yes, Road Commissions, Sheriff Departments. The broader the spectrum of supporters, the better.

Her address is; e-mail: [email protected]

phone: 517 373-3447

FAX: 517 373-9310

US Mail: Honorable Senator Patricia Birkholz
State Senator District 24
State Capitol
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, Mi. 48909-7536

Please make certain you give your full name and address. Phone number if you wish.

In addition, contact each member on the Senate Natural Resources Committee

Senator Bruce Patterson (R) D 7 [email protected]

Senator Gerald Van Woerkom (R) D 34 [email protected]

Senator Raymond E. Basham (D) D 8 [email protected]

Senator Micheal Prusi (D) D 38 [email protected]

At the same time, you should contact your own State Senator by going to for their e-mail address or many user websites have the information.

Remember, the name of the game here is numbers, they are catagorized in the Senate offices by, for or against. Soem are read in their entirety. Most important is the tally of supporters.

As for the attachment, use it to the best advantage, it is somewhat generic, though printed for AMA District 14 NEWS.

No matter how you do it, the time has come to PUSH. Start with Senator Birkholz.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free e-mail or call me @ 989 469-2405.

later, Dick

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4:19 p.m.
May 7, 2007

Sit tight, no more e-mails to Senator Birkholz’s office, for now.
We have made our point quite nicely and we have to let our elected folks that favor our Bill work on its passage behind the scenes.

The support from you folks was fantastic, THANKS! Will keep you informed and scream when we need some help.

Meantime, send a polite letter to your Senator asking for their support on this Bill.

Keep in mind; it may become necessary for a sizeable turnout in Lansing at a Senate hearing. Several hundred would be nice, but only a hundred can fit in the room. We will only need a few speakers, but lots of voters attending from all areas of northern Michigan.

The last straw, hundreds of folks on the Capitol lawn expressing our desire to have this Bill passed in a suitable manner.


Later, Dick

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September 12, 2007
MMRC #19 Please post and forward

Having spent the afternoon in Lansing yesterday visiting various Senate offices, there is no reason we cannot get HB 4323 through the Senate, but it will take some serious effort on our part. There is little visible that should dampen our spirit! The budget process has things in quite the turmoil at the moment, that shall pass by the end of the month.

Again, my Thanks for all your efforts, all I had to do was mention 4323 and they said “the ORV Bill”. We have made our presence known. Thank You!

Our plans are as follows;

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, we will visit Lansing hand out questionnaires to every Senator asking them if they are supportive of HB 4323 as passed in the House. If they have issues with the Bill, would they please attach them to their return response? Included in the packet will be a brief overview of HB 4323 and a list of counties having an ORV Ordinance and its date of inception.

We will need some 12-15 volunteers to help do this. Need those who are good at speaking on their feet and feel comfortable in business attire. Most important, have good knowledge of HB 4323 and that information is available and you will be coached in advance. Please contact the following if you are interested, Thomas Dunn representing AMA D-14, Chuck Smith representing ATVOC, Lewis Shuler representing CCC, Pat Brower representing GLFWD, Dick Ranney representing MMRC/AMA D-14. Those in the UP, continue contacting Senator Prusi and Senator Allen.

To coincide with that, we need you to continue to send e-mails to your Senator urging the passage of HB 4323. From October 10th and a short period thereafter, we need a blitz of e-mails to Lansing.

In addition, we need letters of support on HB 4323 from governmental agencies such as County Commissions, Township Boards, Road Commissions, Sheriff’s Departments, Chambers of Commerce and Tourists Associations. Also included in this list should be a formal letter from user groups and each club. Especially from those considering an ordinance.

The letters need to be sent to the Senator for the District, and copied to;

Senator Patricia Birkholz (R), Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
[email protected]

Senator Michael D. Bishop (R), Majority Leader
[email protected]

It would be advantageous for us to have some rallies, especially in metropolitan areas, if you have any ideas and locations, give me a call @ 989 469-2405.

In addition to HB 4323, there are other issues we are dealing with in Lansing regarding ORV use in Michigan.

800 MILES OF NEW TRAIL, this is being wrangled with by Michigan Motorized Recreation Council by representatives of each user group. Give each one of those participating a lot of respect, it is not an easy task, but MMRC continues to move forward on this and it is expected to go on for several years before the final mile is on the ground. A huge amount of paperwork and the same for patience.

LONG RANGE FINACIAL PLANNING, We expect those discussions to begin this fall and it will be a ten year spending plan to manage Michigan’s ORV trail system. These discussions will be followed by the need for additional legislation in various areas of Public Act 451, 324.81101-50.

REVISIONS OF 811 Similar to the above, but a separate set of meetings. There is a group in the House that would like to have a Caucus that meets periodically to review ORV law and make adjustments to keep abreast of the times.

All these issues tie into one another with many details to get handled making for a rather sizeable agenda. It will take the efforts of many to get them resolved even close to everyone’s satisfaction along with years of effort.

We are moving along rather nicely, but as usual in politics, far too slow. Let us not forget, it took three major efforts to get the current laws establishing Michigan’s ORV Trail System a few decades back. We have a good shot of winning this one on the first try, but only with your continued involvement.

Later, Dick
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