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This is a sale that is forced from a fellow offroader who died. His wife was left with a lot of stuff that she cannot do anything with. While she liked what this stuff meant to Karl, she would rather see the stuff get used instead of collect dust and never do anything. As such, we have helped her by listing the items for sale with pictures and prices. ALL PRICES ARE FIRM AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless stated otherwise. In other words, do not submit an offer, take it or leave it. Because we are bartering these sales for her, that is why they are sold both firm price and final. So if you are uncertain of the condition of a part, inspect it before buying. Keep in mind though that Karl was very particular about his tool, his parts and his projects. Lastly, we will have a pre-scheduled sale date for everyone to come at once. When we have enough interested buyers, we will pick a sale date, and myself and/or others will handle the transaction of parts and cash. Thanks guys!!

Set of six beadlocks. 17” and 6-lug pattern. Rims are aluminum and in rough shape. Tig welding will be needed. $500

Toyota grab bag. Includes trim, steering wheel, mirror, rear window motor for 4runner 84-89. Clutch alignment tool? MUST TAKE EVERYTHING $25

2 sets of coil springs. Unknow origin, but they are 2 matched pairs. 15” and 17” $40

stock Toyota 4.10 gears for 4-cylinder truck. Both front and rear $20

Aluminum Chevy A-body radiator $100

Juggy project – YJ tub with clean MD title, comp cut, dovetailed, full cage by Motor City Machines with seat tie ins, no suspension mounts and will require full hydro steering, CJ windshield frame with good glass, TJ ½ hard trail doors and soft uppers, CJ hood and grill, full soft top with framework, 4 stock TJ springs, complete TJ heater and defrost unit $1350

1994 Caprice LLT1 with cast heads, factory computer and harness, 90,000 miles on it ran well when pulled $350

Tub, engine and tcase as a package $1900

2 receiver hitches, one with slideout and uniball $15 each

54” 12-ton shop press with adjustable table and press plates $90 daddyman

30 lb propane tank $15
40 lb propane tank (1/2 full) $25

Pair of tire ramps for carhauler $5 snocross2xtremes

Auto repair books $15/set, $5 each

Windshield tool with spare blade $5

Craftsman timing gun model #91023 $40

AC manifold gauge set for R134A $25

6 gallon gas tank ?

2 ton folding engine hoist $80 daddyman

penske timing light $15

20’ of 3/8 chain and binder for trailer $30

All the pics we have are here:[email protected]/

Updated list. Let us know when you can come out and buy some stuff.

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I miss Karl :(

I'll take the Air compressor, compression tester, propane kit, AC manifold gauge set, and maybe the D300 (gota look at it first).
Put me in line for the brake bleeder kit.

Tell me when I can pick them up, I have cash in hand for this.

Are the work benches going to be sold? If so, I want the Grey Steel one on wheels:

I'll be bringing extra cash as well just in case something catches my eye. :thumb:

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Are the side markers for toyota's? Maybe a duh but I would like to be sure before I go claiming them. I would also probably need to see them to verify if they would fit a pre-85 toyota.

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i will take the trailer ramps and ac gauges if no one else take them.. plz me on when how to get the stuff.

thanks joe
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