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Just graduated and Wanna go to the Mounds

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:bdr2::bdr2::bdr2:Just graduated high school and wondering if anyone would wanna head up to the mounds on a tues.:bdr2::bdr2::bdr2:
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i went to the mounds on a week day one time. who would a thought there would not be a sole there. got the jeep stuck and had to walk from the back side of the park to go get my brand new at the time tow rig/dd to pull it out. the scratches still make me sad but i got my buddy at the dodge dealership to warranty my chewed up wheels when the clear coat started to come off :beerbang:

I would defiantly consider the armed forces though. I was planning on signing up when i got out of school but ended up busting myself up on the bike before then. i would still love too but i don't thing they would take me with a 16" titanium rod in my leg or jacked up range of motion in my ankle that slows me down running. bums me out not being able to go around the world yet and i am still paying for my college education :(
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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