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Mud Slut-Hit Every Hole!!
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So after looking around the interweb for what others did with broken or stripped out body mount bolts(not really finding any good TJ right ups or pics) and my jeep being down 4, I thought I would post a few of what I did.

I read of lots of 4 inch holes and slicing up the floor and .... so anyway.

1 inch hole saw and a drill bit to clean out the holes. Some grade 8 bolts washers and lock washers. What i thought was going to take all day, took about 2 hours.

Drill hole saw over bolt.
Drill out hole.
New 1/2 inch bolt with washers and lock washer.
place 1 inch rubber grommet in hole.


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Threaded inserts

I really liked your idea of cutting a 1” hole and theninstall a rubber bushing. I have the same problem on my Jeep with 3 broken inserts, however, don’t you think it would have been better to intall threads inserts? The reason I’m saying that is because wile driving when the body twist on curves or driveways the rubber contracts and the bolts with the broken inserts hit the body and make a annoying metal to metal noise.
Could you give me your perspective on that?
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