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Drew this up tonight. It's not 100% refined by any means, but the hole locations are all correct. dimensions all verified, etc. I didn't worry about anything on the inside of the gate. I just wanted a good representation of where everything mounted. To clarify, it is a representation of what the JK tailgate would look like if you took everything off of it. From here, you could place different hinges, brackets, mounts, bump stops, etc, and make sure it all fit, pull dimensions, etc before actually buying/cutting steel.

It's drawn 1/4 scale on a C size sheet in case you wanted to have it printed somewhere for easier use.

Here's a photo reference for all the holes:

If you want the file as it sits, I'll post it. If you see something that should be changed/added, etc, let me know.

I made all the bolt holes at .375" diameter in the solid model mainly so they'd show up. I put the thread callouts in the blueprint.

The blue print of the tailgate hole layout can be had in both solidworks and autocad format. The 3D model is Solidworks only. I haven't tried converting it to other formats since those are the two titles I have and wouldn't be able to verify success of anything else.

If you have a different software and would like to try it out, let me know and I will try to export it for you.

And if nobody wants it, that's cool too... :) just thought I would throw it out there for people like me who like to make their own stuff rather than buy it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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