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Jackson vs Evans

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Who's your money on? I hope Jackson knocks Evans out just because he has a smart mouth...been waiting a long time to see this and today it is on!
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Spartan or not he's as classless as they come. I hope Jackson destroys him. I about crapped my pants in joy when Machida KO'd him, Evans FTL!!
^ this saddens me

Yes, I'm pissed Jackson lost, but Evans didnt really fight. He got in one good hit to start with and just rode him on the cage for the rest of it. I have to give the man credit though, I thought he was out in the 3rd but he managed to survive. He needs to stop acting like a god damn monkey in the ring and have some class.
I didn't know guys that beat people up for a living needed to be classy. It funny You say that but are mad page lost, Did You know He killed some ladies kid and didn't give 2 shits? Thats class for Ya.:fish:
MMA is sport. The basic unwritten rules of any sport is win and loose with class. Don't taunt your opponent, try your hardest and respect the guy across from you, weather you like him or not, respect him for giving his hardest, win or loose. So, yes, even guys who beat people up for a living need to be classy.

As far as jackson, I didn't know that, I'll have to look it up. Was it in the ring?
Apparently the case was dismissed, and there were a least two doctors who testified that the crash did not cause the miscarriage.

So how was that "killing a ladies kid"?
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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