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I want this stuff GONE!

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I hope this is the right forum...
Ford Dana 60 HP frt axle complete with steering stab.
Ford Dana 70?? complete drum to drum
Ford 302 HO FI/2x trans
Ford 4.0l FI complete/trans/transfer/frt diff complete with frame rails... rolls
Ford IRS discs complete

91 XJ Limited way too much in new parts and labor.
93 C1500 Silverado reg cab/shortbox roller on Torque Thrusts/GY Eagles
14' Radisson pointed canoe

ALL items available in trade for:
4)42's and up mud type tires on 8 lug GM centers
2)35 boggers wider the better, 8 lug GM "----"
2)40 swampers or boggers "_________"
5:13 gears set Yukon prefered 14b 9.5 or complete bullet proof axle

the Ford stuff is just plain in my way....make offers,
The Silverado has a $2500. price tag to work with. I can sent pics to emails and I'm wamped for the next 2 weeks trying to get rid of these this so PLEASE pm me with questions ect, or call me 517-522-4054 leave a message.
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Thanks for all the responses, I did add in my post to pm me with questions or call since I can't spend much time here right now.
d60/70 I paid $1300. for them, make cash/trade offers for the things I want.
The canoe is on sale right now new for $1109. I'd like to get $425. for mine or trade for things I want.

pics wil be needed or no one will buy the stuff.
good luck

i got a friend looking for someting to drive. pics of the silverado and the cherokee would be good. if you cant post them you could email them to [email protected]
I just sent pics and a brief explanation to your email...THANKS!
the XJ was going to be my utility veh so I dumped a bunch of $$$ into it THEN bought a 69 Jeepster, I just put a COMPLETE brake job on it, mcyl, rotors, calipers, brake lines, rear whcyls, drums, of course pads/shoes all the best, new frt ujoint, rear axle bearing, t-stat, serp belt, fluids, new stock length Monroe Reflex shocks, 2" lift (not yet installed) newer 30/9.50/15 Kelly ATW and $1000. in tunes, I cut out all tin in the storage area and replaced it, still needs some tin up front. pwer leather ect, I have $2200. in it, make me an offer,trade me something/s on my list and some cash. I want to build my Jeepster.
I also have an 84 XJ thats a beater...I made our trails with it...2.8L GM V6/5 SPD
Is it complete,running,full harness & computer how much?
I know little about the 302, it is complete but w/o harness, it was left as a partial payment for welding/storage and I'm not a Ford guy so make me an me for items on my list.
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